Can you take annual leave during notice period?

Whether or not you can take annual leave during your notice period depends on your employment contract and company policies. In many cases, an employee may request this, but whether the leave is approved or not can vary.

Employment standards

The Fair Work Act 2009 governs employment standards in Australia, and it allows employees to take annual leave during their notice period unless the employer has reasonable grounds for refusing the request. Reasonable grounds for refusal may include operational requirements, such as ensuring the smooth transition of work or maintaining the continuity of business operations.

Leave rules & procedures

It's essential to refer to your employment contract and your employer's policies to understand the specific rules and procedures. Additionally, it's a good practice to discuss your leave plans with your employer and provide reasonable notice, considering the needs of the business and the terms of your contract.

Keep in mind that if your request for annual leave during your notice period is refused, you may need to work through your notice period as agreed upon in your employment contract. If you have any concerns or questions, it's advisable to seek legal advice or consult with your HR department or a relevant authority.

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Can you take annual leave during notice period?

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