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About payroll outsourcing

If you do not have an in-house payroll function or if you want to save money on wages, salaries, software, and indirect labour costs then our payroll services Perth may be right for you.

Using an outsourced payroll provider for your business may offer various benefits - for example:

  • Payroll outsourcing can be more cost-effective than hiring and training in-house payroll staff.
  • Payroll processing involves numerous tax regulations and labour laws that can change frequently. Outsourced providers are often experts in these areas.
  • Managing payroll can be time-consuming. By outsourcing payroll, a company can focus on its core business activities rather than diverting resources and attention to payroll-related tasks.
  • Payroll service providers typically offer advanced payroll software and tools, which can streamline the payroll process.
  • As a company grows, its payroll needs can become more complex. Outsourced services can adapt to changing requirements, making it easier to scale payroll operations up or down.
  • Payroll processing involves sensitive employee information, including salaries and bank account details. Outsourced providers invest in robust security measures to protect this data.
  • Professional payroll service providers are less likely to make mistakes compared to in-house staff, reducing the risk of costly errors in employee paychecks and tax filings.

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About payroll outsourcing

How outsourced payroll works

How outsourced payroll works

If you choose 11 Recruitment as your outsourcing provider for payroll services Perth, we will handle the following:

  • Employee wages
  • PAYG liabilities
  • Super contributions
  • Issuing letters of separation
  • Enquiries from Centrelink
  • Issuing group certificates

This is how you can expect our process for payoll Perth to work:

  • You identify a new employee you wish to hire and provide us with their pay rate, working hours, and how long you expect them to be working for you.
  • We check the employee's working rights.
  • Following this, we help you create a compliant employment contract, and issue the contract to your new employee.
  • We then onboard you and the employee into our system - this involves setting up our online timesheet and payroll software.
  • Finally, we organise a workplace induction and safety audit, as per legislative requirements.

As our outsourced payroll system is fully online, once your new employee has commenced their position they will be able to fill in their own timesheet. You will then verify their timesheet before it is processed.

Payroll services Perth | Processing

At 11 Recruitment, we process payroll for our payroll outsourcing Perth clients each Monday.

At this time, we will pay your employee and issue them a payslip. Plus, we will send you an invoice for the service provided. This invoice is based on the hours worked and hourly rate, and is due within 7 days.

The hourly rate for our service includes:

  • Your employee's pay rate and other entitlements
  • Compulsory leave loading
  • Payroll tax
  • Superannuation - as per the current super guarantee percentage
  • Workers' compensation, indemnity, and public liability insurance
  • Payroll processing and service charge
Payroll services Perth | Processing

Our obligations | Payroll Perth

At 11 Recruitment, our payroll Perth services comply with all statutory requirements and provide workers' compensation and public liability insurance. Plus, our advanced payroll software allows us to:

  • Work within short timeframes
  • Manage time and expenses effectively
  • Protect sensitive employee data

Additionally, as we will technically be your employee's legal employer, we take on a majority of the risk and responsibility associated with your new hire.

Our obligations | Payroll Perth

Outsourced payroll

Outsourced payroll