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White-collar recruitment services from Perth's leading recruitment agency

11 Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency in Perth. We recruit for permanent, temp, casual, and contract jobs in Perth and across WA.

We are a boutique, white-collar agency and recruit for roles across all organisational levels - from operational and support staff, all the way up to executives and CEOs.

When it comes to our corporate services, we specialise in:

We also provide a range of recruitment-related services, including:

At 11 Recruitment, our industry-leading processes allow us to recruit top talent. Plus, we have some of the best opportunities in Perth for job seekers. As such, we maintain a 5 star rating on Google.

So, if you're an employer looking for a top recruitment agency in Perth, then we would love to tell you more. Feel free to contact us or click the button below for more information.

11 Recruitment - Leading recruitment agency in Perth

Looking for your dream job?

Why 11 Recruitment is a top recruitment agency in Perth for job seekers

At 11 Recruitment, we aim to be the leading recruitment agency in Perth for job seekers. As such, we provide a range of free resources and have some of the best vacancies in Perth.

If you're looking for in-depth guidance, then you should check out our free e-books. You should also look at our candidate blog for helpful videos and articles.

Alternatively, if you are ready to start applying for roles, then you should check out our jobs in Perth by seeing our current vacancies.

Top Perth recruitment agency for job seekers

Struggling to hire high achievers?

What sets 11 Recruitment apart from other recruitment agencies in Perth

Recruitment is all about sourcing candidates with the potential excel and stay. However, it is also about minimising the risk of hiring the wrong person.

As such, we have developed a range of strategies to attract and recruit high achievers. These strategies are part of what distinguishes us from other recruitment agencies in Perth.

Some of our strategies include:

  • Online visibility/traffic
  • Job video advertising
  • Google reviews
  • Lead magnets
  • LinkedIn recruiter search
  • Linkedin advertising
  • SEEK talent search
  • Our CV database
  • Job board advertising

We have also developed our own recruitment software, which is unparalleled by any other program on the market. This means no other recruitment agency in Perth will have the same process as us.

Our software helps us assess the behavioural fit of candidates, as well as their suitability for the specific role and company. As such, our placements have a better change of long-term success. Therefore allowng us to offer an 18-month replacement guarantee.

In summary, our unique sourcing strategies and recruitment software - in addition to our lengthy replacement guarantee - is what sets us apart from other leading recruitment agencies in Perth.

Why we’re a leading recruitment agency in Perth

Need temp or casual staff?

Why choose 11 Recruitment as your temp recruitment agency in Perth

Not all temp recruitment agencies in Perth are the same when is comes to the quality and reliability of their staff. So, what makes 11 Recruitment different?

One major factor that distinguishes us from other agencies is our unique recruitment software. This software enables us to:

  • Provide high-calibre temporary and casual staff
  • Work within short time frames
  • Recruit top-quality employees

We provide white-collar staff for short- and long-term assignments as well as unexpected, annual and maternity leave cover, and temp-to-perm opportunities.

So, if you are looking for the best recruitment agency in Perth for temp staff, click the button below to learn more. Then you can decide for yourself if we are the right fit for you.

The best Perth recruitment agency for temps

Looking for top executives?

11 Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency in Perth for executive search

11 Recruitment is one of the leading Perth recruitment agencies for headhunting and executive search. We offer a specialised executive recruitment service and source for a range of roles including:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Operations Manager / Director
  • Finance Manager / Director
  • Sales Manager / Director
  • HR Manager / Director
  • Marketing Manager / Director
  • IT Manager / Director
  • Service Manager
  • General Manager
  • State Manager
  • National Manager
  • Commercial Manager

We have designed our hiring processes under the assumption that high achievers are a scarcity. As such, we cannot just wait around, hoping that a great candidate will find us and apply for our roles. Therefore, we intrinsically search for and approach candidates through talent and market mapping.

When communicating an opportunity with potential candidates, we use a consultative approach. This helps us ensure the person see the opportunity as a long-term career move, not just a short-term remuneration increase.

Top recruitment agency in Perth for executives