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How to get loyal staff

Horizontal moves make up 85% of all hires according to Lou Adler, meaning people move to a similar position, often within the same industry. A plumbing sales rep moving to another sales rep position with another plumbing company. It’s a new position: the person is excited, new opportunity, new company, new colleagues, but after 3 months the excitement begins to wane. See video (2.46 minutes) - How to create loyal staff.

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Corporate Endorsements

David Woods

Christian is one of the sharpest businessmen I know. I was lucky enough to work with him, and since then he has set the bar in which I have measured other recruitment agencies and business leaders by. His ability to structure and organize 11 Recruitment using technology and process may come naturally to Christian, but is unique. He empowers his team and set’s the standards, where everyone in the company knows what is expected of them.

Christian is a leader in his industry and his abilities and experience make him one of those rare individuals, who you are lucky to cross paths with in your business career.

David Woods
Managing Director
CTD Mananging Group
Janine (Dennison) Hill

Christian is an entrepreneur, passionate about the recruitment industry and about providing a service far superior to other recruitment agencies.

Christian was an excellent and energetic mentor. I am truly grateful for the time we did spend together and the impact this has had on the continued development of my career in temporary agencies perth.

Janine (Dennison) Hill
General Manager Business Development
MSS Security
Andre De Barr

I first met Christian in 2013. I was very appreciative of his advice and professionalism. I felt that his understanding of the economic climate at the time gave him a real advantage over many others in his industry and his confidence to have an open a frank conversation allowed me to believe that he was truly a person with a great combination of integrity, intelligence and experience.
I have recently sat through his DISC profile questionnaire and again I’ve found myself comforted by the level of commitment and experience that he shows. He diligently took the time to explain and brief me in each component of the report whilst also taking the time to understand the challenges in my job role and how my personality can work for and against me in some of the tasks that I carry out in the workplace.
He is clearly passionate about his field of work and his leadership and vision have clearly lead to the growth of what is now a well established and trusted employment agency perth.

Andre De Barr
Managing Director
Oracle & Bright-Water
Bob Blakiston

Christian and 11 recruitment have supported my HR recruitment requirements for the last decade. I have always found his company to be detailed in their recruitment processes that achieved appointment of a successful applicants that fit.
By allowing 11 to handle the recruitment process, to present short listed candidates, has always worked well for me allowing more time to drive business growth with the benefit of the right people who have been carefully selected for the roles that needed to hit the ground running. 11 Recruitment is a top recruitment agency perth.

Bob Blakiston
General Manager of Termico Solar
Former CEO of Sunpower Australia
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