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Permanent, contract and temp recruitment of white collar vacancies. Looking for a job or to fill a vacancy? We are happy to assist as we specialise in providing general, executive and temporary recruitment services to businesses and job seekers across Australia.

At 11 Recruitment we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. We strive to understand the unique needs and culture of each client to ensure the best possible match between them and their new employee. We also prioritise communication throughout the recruitment process, aiming to provide a positive and straightforward experience for everyone involved.

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Permanent recruitment in Perth

11 Recruitment is a leading white-collar recruitment agency in Perth. We recruit top talent across all organisational levels. Our consultants specialise in sourcing high achievers for the following sectors.

  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Admin & office support
  • Advertising, arts & media
  • Banking & financial services
  • Call & contact centres
  • Community services
  • Customer service
  • Design & architecture
  • Education & training
  • Engineering
  • Executive search
  • General management
  • HR & recruitment
  • Insurance & superannuation
  • IT & ICT
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & communications
  • Mining, resources & energy
  • Retail & consumer products
  • Sales
  • Science & technology
  • Transport & logistics

At 11, we work on a retained basis. As a result, our consultants work on fewer roles than consultants at other recruitment agencies in Perth. This means they spend more time focusing on each vacancy. We also offer an unmatched 18-month replacement guarantee.

To learn more about how we recruit top talent, please click the button below or contact us.

Permanent recruitment in Perth

Executive recruitment in Perth

At 11 Recruitment, we understand that high achievers don't look for work like typical candidates do. Top executives are usually passive in the job market. Instead of actively applying for vacancies, they are typically headhunted or approached regarding new opportunities via their network.

At 11, we apply a performance-objective approach to reach these candidates. Unlike other executive recruitment agencies in Perth, we reverse the traditional recruitment process. 

  • We identify potential talent based on what they'll DO in their first year.
  • We consider what they'll need to BECOME in subsequent years.
  • We don't focus on what skills the person needs to HAVE, as high achievers tend to have unique skills or transferrable skills that are difficult to quantify.
  • To initiate more conversations, we delay the topic of what the person will GET.

For top exectutives, getting a new job is not a transaction and money is often not the top priority. Therefore, we focus on attracting individuals who will see the position as a career move rather than a short-term remuneration increase.

Additionally, focusing on the the "do" and "become" aspects of recruitment allows us to broaden our talent pool by considering executives with diverse skills and backgrounds.

For more information about what makes 11 Recruitment a leading executive recruitment agency in Perth, please click the button below or contact us.

Executive recruitment in Perth

Temp recruitment in Perth

11 Recruitment is one of the leading temp agencies in Perth for white-collar staff. Our consultants fill temp roles across WA for various sectors, including:

  • Accounting & payroll
  • Administration
  • Data entry
  • Reception
  • Secretarial
  • Accounts & bookkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Sales & marketing
  • Telesales & call centre

We offer temps for short-term and long-term assignments. Additionally, we provide cover for unexpected, annual and maternity leave. We also source top talent for temp-to-perm opportunities.

Unlike other temp recruitment agencies in Perth, we use custom recruitment software as well as a range of unique sourcing tools. We also have a comprehensive CV database of over 110,000 white-collar candidates. As a result, we can provide reliable temps within short timeframes.

Temp recruitment in Perth

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5 stars on Google for perm & temp recruitment agencies Perth

Job opportunities

At 11 Recruitment, we recruit for a wide range of temporary and permanent white-collar positions. Check our current vacancies page to see what jobs we currently have available.

We aim to be one of the top perm and temp recruitment agencies in Perth for job seekers. Therefore, we provide free tips and advice in our comprehensive job hunting blog. Some of the topics we cover include:

Please click the button below to view our current vacancies. You can also register for job alerts to be notified regarding future vacancies that match your profile.

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Frequently asked questions

Does 11 Recruitment have a recruitment agency in Perth?

Yes, our recruitment agency in Perth is located at 38/82 Royal Street, East Perth. However, please note that we are an appointment-only office. Visit our contact us page for more information.

Is it worth going to a recruitment agency in Perth?

Using a recruitment agency in Perth to find a job can be worthwhile, especially if you are seeking roles in specialised industries or higher-level positions. Agencies often have access to a broad network of employers and unadvertised job openings, which can expedite the job search process. They can also provide valuable insights into the job market and help with interview preparation.

Using a recruitment agency in Perth to hire staff can be highly beneficial, particularly for businesses seeking to save time and resources in the hiring process. Agencies offer expertise in sourcing and vetting candidates, often providing access to a larger pool of qualified applicants than a company might reach on its own.

What makes 11 Recruitment stand out from other recruitment agencies in Perth?

At 11, we usually get involved when a client has a vacancy that is particularly hard to fill - or when they are looking for someone special - a high achiever. We are able to fill these challenging roles by providing our service on a retained basis. Unlike contingency recruitment agencies in Perth that essentially just make introductions and sell CVs, working retained supports the process of finding the best possible candidate. It allows our consultants to work on fewer roles at once - so they can spend more time focusing on your vacancy. Plus, it involves a more personalised, consultative, and holistic approach. As a result of our ability to consistently source top talent, we provide an 18-month performance guarantee on permanent placements.

How do I choose a good recruitment agency in Perth?

To select a good recruitment agency in Perth, research specialised firms with a strong reputation and track record of successful placements. Ensure transparency regarding processes and fees, and prioritise agencies that communicate effectively and demonstrate a consultative approach. Look for specialisation matching your industry or job type, and verify their compliance with ethical standards and regulations. Additionally, consider their access to technology and resources, flexibility, and commitment to understanding your specific needs, whether you're a job seeker or an employer.