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Get a temp | Looking for white-collar temps?

Looking for white-collar temps?

If you're looking for white-collar temps in Perth, we may be able to help.

Our consultants fill a range of white-collar temp roles for businesses across Western Australia, including:

  • Accounting and payroll
  • Accounts and bookkeeping
  • Administration (including EAs and PAs)
  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Human resources
  • Reception
  • Sales and marketing
  • Secretaries
  • Telesales and call centre staff

In terms of the types of temp roles we fill, we provide staff for:

  • Short-term assignments
  • Long-term assignments
  • Unexpected, annual and maternity leave cover
  • And temp-to-perm opportunities
If you are interested in finding out more about our services, click the button below to give us a call. Then you can decide for yourself if we are the right fit for you.

Carey Hodnett - TADWA

Carey Hodnett


"We have been working with 11 Recruitment for over three years.

They are a fantastic bunch who have never let us down - even with the trickiest of placements and the shortest turnaround times!"

Not all temp agencies are the same

Not all temp agencies are the same. So, what makes 11 Recruitment different?

One major factor that distinguishes us from other agencies is our unique recruitment software. This software enables us to:

  • Provide high-calibre casual staff
  • Work within short time frames
  • And recruit top-quality employees
We also highly value the quality of our temp staff. As such, we have implemented workflow automation to improve the effectiveness of our quality assurance systems.
Additionally, all of our temps have been interviewed, had their references checked and have completed relevant skills testing.
When it comes to safety, we conduct proper OH&S site inspections and inductions for all temp assignments. This minimises the risk for both the employer and employee.
Get a temp | Not all temp agencies are the same

Get a temp | Comprehensive CV database

Comprehensive CV database

To source candidates for temp roles, we use our comprehensive database of over 100,000 white-collar candidates in combination with our other talent sourcing strategies.

We log all of our candidates' details in this database, including:

  • Their previous temp assignments
  • Any CVs and cover letters they have submitted to us
  • Their answers to screening questions
  • Their entire communication history

This provides us with a bigger picture of each temp, and enables us to identify any issues or discrepancies.

We can perform Boolean and keyword searches directly on the 110,000+ CVs we have in our database. For example, we can search for specific software competencies, such as MYOB or AutoCAD, or company names to identify candidates who have worked for our client’s competitors. 

If you are working after hours and need a temp for the following day, don't panic. Just click "book a temp now" below and we will attend to it first thing in the morning, before business hours.

Warwick Potter

Warwick Potter

Debbie Cooper at 11 Recruitment was simply outstanding. Her attention to my employment requirements was professional, timely, and thorough.

If this is the usual standard of client service for this company, 11 Recruitment is certainly on a very short list for your company's hiring needs.

Get a temp | Talent sourcing strategies

Talent sourcing strategies

At 11 Recruitment, talent sourcing is an online marketing exercise. In addition to searching our comprehensive CV database, we use the following sourcing strategies to attract top temps.

Online visibility and traffic score

We aim to be listed at the top of any relevant search results page (SERP) listings, so temps to come to us before anyone else.

Job video advertising

Social media platforms tend to favour videos over still content. This form of advertising enables us to communicate directly with candidates in a professional, unique and personal way.

Google reviews

Having a high Google rating is crucial, as many temps will decide whether or not to engage with an agency based on their reviews. We aim to be a leading temp agency - check out our latest Google reviews to see our results firsthand.

Lead magnets

We build long term relationships with potential temps so when they are ready, they can make contact for a confidential conversation.

SEEK talent search

SEEK has its own database with 8,000,000 profiles, which gives us the opportunity to find temp who may be a perfect fit for your role.

Job board advertising

We refresh, rewrite and reformat our ads on a constant basis to optimise the quality of job applications.

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