Payroll services

How it works

At 11 Recruitment, we provide payroll services to individuals who cannot be directly employed by their employer. This may be due to a hiring freeze, uncertainty of position viability, or the assignment being short-term.

If you choose to use 11 Recruitment as your payroll provider, this is what you can expect to happen:

  • We'll become your employer and will place you on assignment with the company. This means you'll still be working for them, just not directly.
  • We will then enter a contract with the employer (now referred to as the "host employer") to place you with them.
  • At the end of each week, you will complete and sign an electronic timesheet, which will then be verified by the host employer.
  • On the following Monday, our accounts office will process your payroll, organise for you to get paid, and email your host employer an invoice.

As your payroll provider, we will handle your wages, PAYG liabilities, super contributions, letter of separation at the end of the assignment, Centrelink enquiries, and group certificate.

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Payroll services | How it works

Payroll services