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11 Recruitment Perth provides a full range of services you might find of benefit in your hunt for a new job opportunity.

Alison Hamilton

Alison Hamilton

"I had the pleasure of meeting with Christian yesterday. What a genuine guy.

He took time to take me through his processes, step by step and at my pace. He was also happy to give very honest feedback with no personal gain to himself.

I thoroughly recommend 11 Recruitment."

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Become an 11 temp

11 Recruitment has a fresh and innovative approach to the recruitment of temporary staff.

We use the latest sourcing and recruitment mechanisms with sophisticated online marketing tools to put your CV in front of prospective employers.

We specialise in white collar temp assignments across the Perth metropolitan area, and have a steady flow of quality temp assignments.

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Payroll services

If you have found work with an employer, and they are unable to employ you directly due to:

  • A headcount freeze
  • Uncertainty of viability of the position due to internal or external factors
  • The employer is not able employ you directly
  • It is a short-term assignment

However if they can employ you as a casual employee, then 11 Recruitment can become your employer - placing you on the assignment with the company. That means you can still work for them, but not as a direct employee.

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Are you a high achiever and looking to improve your career?

Submit your CV so we can contact you with opportunities relevant to your skills and experience.

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Jolan Moore

Jolan Moore

"My experience of working with 11 Recruitment has been brilliant.

They strive to provide superior customer service in an approachable and a professional manner. The recruitment process is efficient, timely and comes with useful advice.

Their commitment to find you the best job opportunities as well as their dedication to provide individual attention make them an exceptional agency. It has been a pleasure working with them.

I highly recommend 11 Recruitment."

Get a new CV

Has it been years since you revised your CV? - and could your CV be letting you down?

If you are struggling to land interviews it might be.

Use our CV writing service to improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Skills Testing

Nick Jacob

Nick Jacob

"Christian and the team were very helpful and obviously passionate about what they do.

The best white-collar recruitment agency in Perth. Highly recommended."

International candidates

To work in Australia, international candidates require a work permit through citizenship, residency or other types of visa that provides you with the right to work.

It is illegal to work on a Tourist Visa.

Work in Perth, Australia

Resgination techniques

It is important to part on good terms, as you never know where your career may take you.

There are a number of steps to take to ensure your resignation is respectful.

Free tips and videos

Checkout our blogs and videos for all the latest job seeking advice and tips.

Temp and perm employment and recruitment

Suellen Howlett

Suellen Howlett

"Hina Stevens and the team at 11 Recruitment offer a fantastic face to face service to jobseekers.

Offering time to fully understand your wants from a job as well as your skills and experience.

This then allows them to match the candidate to a prospective employer knowing the fit will be beneficial to both parties."

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Assunta De Bono

Assunta De Bono

Christian and his team are wonderful. They are professional, transparent, friendly and helpful. An uplifting recruitment experience from a candidate client perspective.

Christian is always willing to impart his extensive knowledge, wisdom and experience. I have found his videos and tips from job search to interview to be of immense value. Even if we think we know it all, there is always something new to learn, even if it is just a perspective shift on the way you conduct your job search effort and interview style.

11 Recruitment will look after you, they won't leave you wondering and keep you informed during the whole process. They make sure they provide best match candidates to their employer clientele. Which ultimately benefits the candidate too.

Michael Parkins 5/5 Start Review for 11 Recruitment

Michael Parkins

Recently relocating to Perth from interstate, I approached 11 Recruitment to assist me with updating my CV. Initially speaking with Christian, he went above and beyond to advise, guide and cater for my CV and job seeking needs. My revised CV looks fantastic, very professional and already Im seeing an immediate impact from potential employers.

I thoroughly recommend 11 Recruitment’s staff and services to any person seeking professionalism, integrity and quality results.

Isaac Tredrea

Isaac Tredrea

Christian and the team at 11 treatment were amazing

Charmaine T.

Charmaine T.

I recently downloaded two of Christian's e-books titled "7 Things You Must Include in your CV" and "How to Write Effective Cover Letters" and have found them both to be extremely helpful. I immediately applied his advice to my next Cover Letter and received a reply back within a few hours from a potential Employer, requesting I provide more information about myself - a response I've never received before.

Thank you Christian for taking the time to write these books to help us gain more of a leg-up in the job application process.

I would certainly recommend Christian and his team from 11 Recruitment.

Gael Gibbs

Christian and his team were great! They were highly professional and very helpful at every turn. I did not think applying for a position could be such and enjoyable process.

Whether you are searching: "Temp agencies perth WA", "Employment agencies Perth", or "Perth recruitment agencies", we will try to assist you the best we can.


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