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Alison Hamilton

Alison Hamilton
Biz Dev Manager

I had the pleasure of meeting with Christian yesterday. What a genuine guy.

He took time to take me through his processes, step by step and at my pace. He was also happy to give very honest feedback with no personal gain to himself.

I thoroughly recommend 11 Recruitment.

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Jolan Moore

Jolan Moore

My experience of working with 11 Recruitment has been brilliant.

They strive to provide superior customer service in an approachable and a professional manner. The recruitment process is efficient, timely and comes with useful advice.

Their commitment to find you the best job opportunities as well as their dedication to provide individual attention make them an exceptional agency. It has been a pleasure working with them.

I highly recommend 11 Recruitment.

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11 Recruitment has a fresh and innovative approach to recruitment of temporary staff.

We use the latest sourcing and recruitment mechanisms with sophisticated online marketing tools to get your CV in front of prospective employers.

We specialise in office white collar temp assignments across the Perth metropolitan area, and have a steady flow of quality temp assignments.

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Nick Jacob

Nick Jacob

Christian and the team were very helpful and obviously passionate about what they do.

The best white-collar recruitment agency in Perth. Highly recommended.

International candidates

To work in Australia, international candidates require a work permit through a citizenship, residence or other type of visa that provides you with the right to work.

It is illegal to work on a Tourist Visa.


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Suellen Howlett

Suellen Howlett
SJoG Health Care

It’s not often you come across a company that loves their job so much.

Christian and his staff are always looking for newer & better ways to do things. Forget the boring "same old same old".

They like to look below the surface to find the real person, not just the selection criteria. Thereby ensure that they find a good fit.

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