How long do job interviews go for?

The value of time

Job interviews can vary significantly in length depending on various factors such as the company, the position, and the interview format. On average, interviews typically last between 30 minutes to one hour for initial rounds. However, they can extend to several hours or even multiple rounds for more senior positions or when the hiring process involves various stages.

Phone screenings or initial screenings might take around 15-30 minutes. First-round interviews may last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Second or third-round interviews might extend to one to two hours or more, involving multiple interviewers, skills assessments, or presentations.

For executive-level positions or highly technical roles, interviews could span several hours or even be conducted over the course of a day or multiple days. It's essential for candidates to be prepared for different durations and formats based on the specific requirements of the role and the company's hiring process.

Here are some additional points to consider regarding the duration and dynamics of job interviews:

Type of interview

The length of an interview can also depend on the type of interview being conducted. For example, a behavioural interview, which focuses on past experiences and situational questions, might take longer as it delves into specific examples and scenarios.

Number of interviewers

Interviews with multiple interviewers or panel interviews tend to be longer as each interviewer may ask questions or provide input on the candidate's responses. This can extend the duration of the interview significantly, especially if each interviewer has a set of questions or topics to cover.

Technical assessments or tests

Some interviews include technical assessments, skills tests, or case studies as part of the evaluation process. These additional components can lengthen the overall duration of the interview, especially if candidates are required to complete tasks or exercises during the session.

Follow-up questions & discussions

Depending on the flow of the interview and the candidate's responses, interviewers may engage in follow-up questions or deeper discussions on certain topics. This can lead to an extended conversation and may contribute to the overall length of the interview.

Company culture & practices

The culture and practices of the hiring company can also influence the duration of interviews. Some organisations prioritise thorough interviews with multiple stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive assessment of candidates, while others may opt for shorter, more focused interviews.

Virtual interviews

With the rise of remote work and virtual hiring processes, interviews conducted via video conferencing platforms may have slightly different dynamics in terms of duration. Factors such as technical issues, screen fatigue, and scheduling constraints may impact the length of virtual interviews.

Overall, while there is no fixed duration for job interviews, candidates should be prepared for variations in length based on the specific requirements and preferences of the hiring organisation. Being flexible, attentive, and well-prepared can help candidates navigate interviews effectively, regardless of their duration.

For more information regarding this topic, check out Indeed's article on how long does an interview usually last.

How long do job interviews go for?

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