How to find my employment history Australia?

Government records and online platforms

In Australia, accessing your employment history can be crucial for various purposes such as job applications, visa applications, financial planning, and more. Fortunately, several avenues exist to help you retrieve your employment history. From government records to personal documentation and online platforms, exploring these avenues can assist you in compiling a comprehensive overview of your work experience.

In Australia, there are several ways to find your employment history:

Tax records

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) keeps records of your employment history through your tax returns. You can access your tax records online through the myGov website or by contacting the ATO directly.

Superannuation fund

Your superannuation fund keeps records of your employment history as it relates to your contributions. You can access this information by logging into your superannuation fund's online portal or by contacting them directly.

Previous employers

Reach out to your previous employers and request employment verification or documentation of your work history. Many employers keep records of past employees and can provide you with employment dates and other relevant information.

Personal records

Review any personal records you may have, such as old resumes, pay stubs, or employment contracts, which may help you recall past employment details.

Australian Government services

The Australian Government offers various services and platforms that may help you retrieve employment information, such as the Department of Jobs and Small Business or the Department of Social Services. These departments may be able to assist you in accessing your employment history if needed.

Credit reports

While primarily used for financial purposes, credit reports may also contain information about your employment history, especially if you have applied for credit or loans that required proof of employment.

LinkedIn profile

If you have a LinkedIn profile and have been diligent about updating it, it can serve as a record of your employment history. Review your profile for past positions, job titles, and employment dates.

Professional certifications & memberships

If you hold any professional certifications or memberships in industry organisations, they may have records of your employment history, particularly if those memberships or certifications require certain qualifications or work experience.

Australian job search platforms

Some job search platforms and recruitment agencies in Australia allow users to create accounts and save past job applications or resumes. Check any accounts you may have created on these platforms for saved employment history information.

Networking with colleagues

Reach out to former colleagues or professional contacts who may have worked with you during your previous jobs. They may be able to help you recall specific details about your employment history or provide references.

Employment agencies

Employment agencies or recruiters that you may have worked with in the past might have records of your previous job placements or assignments. Contact them to inquire about any information they may have on file.

Educational institutions

If you pursued further education during your employment history, such as courses, diplomas, or degrees, the educational institutions you attended may have records of your enrollment dates and attendance.

In conclusion, retrieving your employment history in Australia requires thorough exploration of various sources ranging from tax records and superannuation funds to online platforms like LinkedIn and job search websites. By leveraging these methods and reaching out to relevant organisations and individuals, you can reconstruct a detailed account of your work history, empowering you in various aspects of your professional and personal endeavors.

How to find my employment history Australia?

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