How to ask about job security in an interview

Inquiring about job security during an interview is a valid and important aspect of understanding the potential longevity of a position, as it not only reflects your proactive approach to career planning but also demonstrates your interest in aligning your professional goals with the stability and growth of the organisation.

Here are some ways you can tactfully ask about job security:

Direct approach

A thoughtful way to initiate this discussion is by posing direct yet nuanced questions. For example, you could employ a straightforward inquiry such as, "Can you speak to the stability and long-term outlook of the company and this position?" or inquire about the measures the company takes to ensure job security for its employees. This not only signals your interest in the broader organisational landscape but also demonstrates your keen awareness of the role's potential trajectory.

Company stability

Another approach is to ask about the company's stability in the face of economic downturns or industry changes. You might phrase it as, "How has the company weathered economic downturns or industry changes in the past?" This allows the interviewer to provide insights into the company's financial stability and growth projections.

Employee retention

Understanding the average tenure of employees in the department or at the specified level can provide valuable insights into job security. You could ask, "What is the average tenure of employees in this department or at this level?" or inquire about the company's investment in employee development and retention strategies.

Company culture

Questions about company culture can indirectly address job security. For instance, "How would you describe the company culture, and how does it contribute to job security?" or inquiring about recent changes or plans that might affect job stability can provide you with a holistic view.

Future plans

To understand the company's trajectory, you might ask, "Can you discuss any upcoming changes or developments in the company that might impact this role?" or inquire about the vision for the department and its role within the company in the next few years.

Performance metrics

Understanding how employee performance is evaluated and its connection to job security is crucial. You could ask, "How is employee performance evaluated, and how does that tie into job security?" or explore the company's approach to workforce planning and resource allocation.

Team dynamics

To gain insights into how the company handles workforce changes, you might ask, "How does the company handle workforce changes, such as restructuring or downsizing?" or inquire about efforts made to ensure a stable and supportive work environment.

Remember to ask these questions in a positive and curious tone rather than sounding anxious or sceptical. By adopting a proactive and enthusiastic approach, you convey not only your interest in the company's current state but also your eagerness to contribute to its future success. Demonstrating a genuine curiosity about the organisation's goals and strategies will not only provide you with valuable insights but also showcase your commitment to becoming an integral part of the team.

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How to ask about job security in an interview

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