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If you are considering making staff redundant and would like to provide them with personal and professional support, our outplacement services Perth could be for you.

Outplacement is a consideration when termination of employment occurs – maybe because of redundancy – and you wish to do your best, assisting departing employees with their career change. It is also a way to thank them for their loyal service.

Our experience in recruitment means we know the ins and outs of the job market and can provide candidates with solid career advice. We also have experience working across a wide variety of industries and organisational levels, from entry-level staff to senior executives. 

Every redundancy is unique, so we tailor our outplacement solutions accordingly. Hence, with our online services, we can promptly assist anyone “anywhere, on any device” through screen sharing and online meetings.

Click the button below for a free quote or call us on (08) 9225 6211. We'd be delighted to tell you more about our outplacement services in Perth, so you can decide whether we're the right fit for you.

Our outplacement services

Benefits | Outplacement services Perth

Employee benefits

The shock of losing a job and income can be traumatic, and getting back into the job market is not always straightforward.

While it may be easy to simply find and apply for a job on SEEK, making it through the process to receive an offer of employment is much harder.

It is not unusual for employers to receive 200 to 400 applications for just one job posting. However, only one person is going to get the job, so competition can be fierce.

Outplacement simplifies the process of re-entering the job market. Candidates are provided with support and guidance to improve the quality of their applications, enhance their interview and test performance, and prepare them for the commencement of their new role.

Employer benefits

While outplacement is primarily offered to assist departing employees, it can also be beneficial to the employer.

Providing an outplacement program sends a message to your remaining staff that they are valued and will be cared for by the organisation, should they be let go in the future. This can improve staff morale and their confidence in management.

Benefits | Outplacement services Perth

Knowing the right strategies

Knowing the right strategies

The job market has changed significantly in the past 10 years, and so too has our approach to job hunting. 

For example, it is now common practice for a recruiter to look at an applicant's social media and online presence when deciding who should and should not progress. As such, we've tailored our outplacement program to incorporate online marketing.

Additionally, many recruiters now use sophisticated technologies to accelerate the pace of their screening process. However, most people don't know how to write a cover letter and CV that is easy for this technology to pick out and interpret.

It can be difficult for job seekers to know what strategy they should use in this environment, or what they should and should not do in the job hunting process. That is where we can help.

Program content - outplacement Perth

Every redundancy is unique, so we tailor our outplacement solutions accordingly. Each program is developed to suit an individual's skills, experience and personal circumstances.

Introduction & career review

  • Tips for moving on from a job loss
  • Support options (emotional, financial, etc.)
  • Possibilities and aspirations
  • How to identify suitable positions
  • Review of career history
  • Career options moving forward

Standout CV

  • How to get started on your CV
  • What information to include and exclude
  • How to create a standout CV
  • CV review and formatting
  • How to write your cover letter
  • Review of cover letter(s) and other docs

Social media

  • Introduction to social media
  • Social media dos and don'ts
  • How to set up and use aLinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn profile review and advice
  • How to use the Internet as a research tool

Job market navigation

  • Job hunting techniques and strategy
  • What job boards are available
  • How to identify suitable vacancies
  • Target identification
  • How to set up job and Google alerts

Online marketing

  • Set up personal CRM
  • How to create and use blog posts
  • How to source email addresses
  • How to write bulk email cover letters
  • How to follow-up with blog posts
  • CV emailed to selected clients

Interview preparation

  • How to handle screening calls
  • Interview preparation and presentation
  • Practice interview and post-interview activities
  • How to select and manage reference
  • How to negotiate remuneration
  • Job start preparation

Outplacement services Perth | Case study

Outplacement services Perth | Case study

We were recently working with a candidate who had applied for over 80 jobs in the past 3 months. Through all of his effort, he only received a few phone calls and no interviews or job offers.

The pressure was on, as financial stress was building. He had a family with a young son to look after as well as mortgage repayments to keep up with.

In order to help this candidate, we wanted to get him through the back door, by directly contacting senior management.

We sent out 1,000 emails to hiring managers - outside of SEEK or any other job board. Out of these emails, 461 were opened, and 11 managers responded within 24 hours to request an interview.

Very few people have had that many opportunities to choose from all at once.

To get this result, we incorporated 6 unique online marketing tools.

These tools are available to anyone who participates in our outplacement program - regardless of their location or seniority. The aim is to help the candidate find a new job as quickly as possible.

Additionally, many of the people we work with are able to use these online marketing tools once they finish our program and secure employment. This benefits both the candidate and their future employer.

This is the kind of result we aim for.

How to proceed

How to proceed

If you're interested in our outplacement services Perth, simply decide on program content and your budget, and contact us for your free quote. 

We will prepare a letter for your employee(s), which we will then email to you for approval. This letter can be given to the employee(s) at their redundancy meeting.

After the redundancy has been announced, we will contact the employee(s) to introduce ourselves and organise their first session.

After the session has been booked, we will issue you an invoice for the total fee of their outplacement program. The participant(s) will have four months from the date of their redundancy to commence their program. 

Outplacement services

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of outplacement?

Outplacement services assist laid-off employees in transitioning to new jobs by providing career counselling, resume writing, and job search support. For companies, these services enhance their reputation, demonstrate ethical responsibility, and can comply with legal requirements. Outplacement services in Perth also help reduce unemployment costs, maintain the morale and productivity of remaining employees, and minimise litigation risks by showing a commitment to supporting former staff.

What is the value of outplacement?

Outplacement services in Perth provide significant value by aiding employees through career transitions with support such as career counseling, job search assistance, skill development, and emotional support, which can expedite reemployment and boost confidence. For employers, outplacement enhances reputation, mitigates legal risks, maintains morale among remaining employees, fosters positive alumni relations, and can be cost-efficient in the long term by preserving company culture and reducing litigation risks. Overall, these services benefit both employees and employers by ensuring a smoother transition and protecting the company’s interests.

What are the disadvantages of outplacement?

Outplacement services in Perth, while beneficial, have several disadvantages including cost, variable quality, and potential underutilisation by employees. Some employees may perceive these services as insufficient or become overly dependent on them. The process can be time-consuming and often offers generic rather than tailored support. Despite these drawbacks, outplacement can still be valuable if effectively managed and implemented.