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Our approach

At 11 Recruitment, our executive search process is designed to attract, recruit, and retain high achievers based on the assumption that high achievers are both passive candidates and are scarce. 

We offer our specialised search and headhunting services to clients seeking top executives for a range of positions, including:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Operations Manager / Director
  • Finance Manager / Director
  • Sales Manager / Director
  • HR Manager / Director
  • Marketing Manager / Director
  • IT Manager / Director
  • Service Manager
  • General Manager
  • State Manager
  • National Manager
  • Commercial Manager

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Our approach | Executive search Perth

Talent identification & sourcing

At 11 Recruitment, we understand that high achievers don't look for work like typical candidates do. Therefore, we have adopted a unique approach to sourcing active versus passive executive-level candidates. This approach is one of the reasons we a top firm for executive recruitment Perth.

Active candidates

Active candidates are readily available and seeking to advance or change their careers. These individuals are proactively engaging in job-hunting activities, such as applying for roles, networking, or contacting recruitment agencies. 

To attract active candidates, we leverage various channels, including job boards and external CV databases.  

Passive candidates

Passive candidates are individuals who are not actively seeking new job opportunities but may still possess the desired skills, experience, and qualifications for the role.

These candidates are typically employed and satisfied with their current positions, making them less likely to actively apply for job openings. However, they may be open to a new opportunity if presented with the right career move.

An executive search assignment should effectively target both active and passive candidates. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that engaging passive candidates demands an entirely distinct approach compared to reaching active candidates.

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Talent identification & sourcing

Capability assessment

At 11 Recruitment, we use a performance-based hiring method rather than the traditional method used by other executive recruitment agencies in Perth. 

Key performance objectives

In performance-based hiring, we focus on the job's key performance objectives (KPOs) and the associated activities required to reach these objectives. This is different to the traditional method, which focuses on assessing skills, experience, and personality traits.

Identifying transferrable skills

Working with KPOs expands our talent pool to candidates with transferrable skills. This methodology also ensures better alignment between candidates and roles, resulting in increased success and satisfaction for all parties involved. 

Assessing notable achievements

During interviews, we delve into candidates' notable achievements, focusing on those most comparable to the KPOs. This helps us assess their competence and motivation to fulfil the required responsibilities. We emphasise clarity upfront about role expectations and the potential growth opportunities for candidates who succeed. By focusing on the actual responsibilities and personal development aspects of a role, we aim to enhance post-hire performance and satisfaction.  

The main distinction lies in our evaluation of unfamiliar candidates based on their past performance in comparable roles. This approach increases acceptance rates of job offers, improves predictability of performance, enhances job satisfaction, and reduces turnover.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that both the organisation and the hired employee maintain positive sentiments regarding the performance during the whole journey of employment. 

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Capability assessment | Executive recruitment Perth

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