Can an employer change your job description?

In Australia, an employer generally has the right to change an employee's job description, but there are important considerations and limitations to keep in mind.

Employment contract

The terms and conditions of employment are usually outlined in an employment contract. If the employment contract specifies the job description and duties, the employer cannot unilaterally change these without the employee's consent. Any changes to the job description would usually require a mutual agreement between the employer and the employee.

Award or enterprise agreement

Many employees in Australia are covered by industrial awards or enterprise agreements that set out specific terms and conditions of employment, including job descriptions and duties. In such cases, changes to job descriptions may be subject to negotiation and agreement as outlined in these documents.

Fair Work Act

The Fair Work Act 2009 is the primary legislation governing employment relationships in Australia. It generally allows employers to make reasonable changes to an employee's job duties, but these changes should not result in a significant adverse impact on the employee. Employers must consult with employees and, if applicable, their representatives (e.g., unions) when making significant changes.

Unfair dismissal

If an employer makes changes to an employee's job that are considered unfair or unreasonable and the employee resigns as a result, this could potentially be treated as a constructive dismissal, which might be challenged as unfair under the Fair Work Act. In such cases, employees may have the right to make an unfair dismissal claim.

Consultation & communication

Employers should communicate with employees and provide reasonable notice of any changes to job descriptions or duties. Good communication and consultation can help avoid disputes and legal issues.

Contractual & legal advice

If an employee is concerned about changes to their job description, they should seek legal advice or consult their employment contract and relevant industrial instruments to understand their rights and options.

It's important to note that employment laws and regulations may change over time, and the specific circumstances of each case can vary. Therefore, employees and employers should seek up-to-date legal advice and, if necessary, consult with relevant authorities or employment law experts when dealing with job description changes in Australia.

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Can an employer change your job description?

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