Can an employer change my job role without my consent?

In Australia, an employer generally cannot unilaterally change an employee's job role without their consent, unless there is a specific clause in the employment contract or enterprise agreement that allows for such changes. Employment contracts in Australia are usually based on the principles of common law and employment legislation, and they establish the terms and conditions of employment, including the job role and responsibilities.

If an employer wishes to change an employee's job role, they should typically follow these steps.


Employers should consult with the employee and propose the changes. This includes explaining the reasons for the change, the impact it may have on the employee, and any potential benefits.


The employer should seek the employee's agreement to the proposed changes. If the employee agrees, it is time to implement the changes.

Variation of employment contract

If both parties agree to the changes, it is good to document the new terms in writing through a contract variation. This may involve amending the existing employment contract or creating a new one that reflects the updated job role and responsibilities.

Legal compliance

Employers must ensure that any changes to an employee's job role comply with Australian employment laws, including minimum wage rates, working hours, and other relevant employment conditions.

It's important to note that if an employer unilaterally changes an employee's job role without their consent and without a contractual provision allowing such changes, it may be considered a breach of the employment contract, which could lead to legal consequences such as a dispute, unfair dismissal claim, or a claim for damages.

Employees who believe their employer has unfairly changed their job role without their consent should seek legal advice and may consider lodging a complaint with the Fair Work Commission or another relevant authority.

It's always recommended for both employers and employees to seek legal advice and follow proper procedures when making significant changes to employment terms and conditions in Australia. Employment contracts, enterprise agreements, and awards can vary, so individual circumstances may affect how these rules apply.

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Can an employer change my job role without my consent?

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