Do recruiters charge candidates in Australia?

Legal & ethical standards

It is illegal for recruiters to charge candidates in Australia for their services. The standard practice is for employers (clients) to pay recruitment agencies for finding and placing suitable candidates into their job openings. These fees are typically based on a percentage of the candidate's salary and are paid by the employer once the candidate is successfully hired.

It is unethical to charge candidates directly for recruitment services and goes against industry norms. Candidates should be cautious if they come across any recruiter or agency requesting payment from them for job placement services. Legitimate recruiters do not charge candidates in Australia, as they are already compensated by the employers they work with.

If you are a job seeker and come across recruiters that charge candidates in Australia, it is wise to be cautious. You should consider getting in contact with other reputable recruitment agencies or reporting the situation to relevant authorities if you suspect any fraudulent activity.

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Do recruiters charge candidates in Australia?

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