How to get a job in aged care

Getting a job in aged care typically involves several steps, including education and training, job searching, and application processes. Here's a general guide on how to get a job in aged care in Australia.

Education & training

Qualifications: To work in aged care in Australia, you will usually need a Certificate III or IV in Aged Care or an equivalent qualification. These programs are available at TAFE (Technical and Further Education) colleges, private training institutions, and sometimes through online courses.

National police check

You will also need to obtain a national police check, as working with vulnerable populations requires a clean criminal record.

First aid & CPR

Many employers may also require you to have a current first aid and CPR certificate.

Gain experience

Consider volunteering or interning in an aged care facility or with organisations that provide services to the elderly. This can help you gain practical experience and make valuable connections in the industry.

Job search

Look for job vacancies in aged care facilities, nursing homes, retirement villages, and community care organisations. You can find job listings on various job search websites, in newspapers, or on the websites of specific aged care providers.

Prepare your resume & cover letter

Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your relevant qualifications, skills, and any relevant experience. Be sure to emphasise your passion for helping elderly individuals and your commitment to their well-being.

Apply for jobs

Follow the application instructions provided in the job listings. Some employers may prefer online applications, while others may require you to submit your application in person or by mail.

Interview preparation

If you are invited for an interview, prepare by researching the aged care facility or organisation and practicing common interview questions. Be ready to discuss your qualifications, experience, and your dedication to providing quality care to the elderly.

Obtain necessary certifications

Make sure you have all the required certifications and checks, including a valid Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) card if applicable in your state.

Attend training & orientation

Once you are hired, you may need to attend orientation and additional training provided by your employer. This training will help you understand the specific policies and procedures of the facility and ensure you provide care that meets industry standards.

Continuous learning

Aged care is a dynamic field, and it's important to stay updated on best practices, regulations, and new developments in the industry. Consider pursuing further education or attending workshops and seminars to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Apply for aged care jobs online

You can also explore online platforms and websites dedicated to aged care job listings, such as the Australian Government's job portal, jobactive, or industry-specific websites.

Remember that specific requirements and processes may vary depending on the state or territory in which you plan to work. Always check with relevant authorities and potential employers for the most up-to-date information and requirements. Additionally, having a compassionate and empathetic attitude is crucial when working in aged care, as you will be providing care and support to vulnerable individuals.

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How to get a job in aged care

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Are you looking for a job?

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