How to make conversation

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Make a positive impression

Making conversation with the receptionist is a great way to make a positive impression even before your job interview. It shows that you are friendly, approachable, and can handle social interactions well. Here are some tips on how to make conversation with the receptionist.

Smile & be polite

Approach the receptionist with a warm smile and use polite language. Greet them with a friendly "Hello" or "Good morning/afternoon." 

Introduce yourself

Share your name and mention that you have a job interview scheduled. For example, you can say, "Hi, I'm [Your Name]. I have a job interview at [Company Name] today."

Be interested in them

Engage in some small talk and show genuine interest in the receptionist as a person. You can ask how their day is going or if they've been with the company for a while.

Compliment the office or company

If you notice something positive about the office or the company, feel free to offer a sincere compliment. For example, you could say, "Your office looks really nice, and I've heard great things about this company's work culture."

Keep it light & positive

Avoid controversial or sensitive topics and focus on positive subjects. Steer clear of complaining about anything, as this could create a negative impression. 

Don't overstay your welcome

Keep in mind that the receptionist may be busy with their responsibilities. Be mindful of their time, and if you see they are occupied, kindly let them get back to their tasks.

Express gratitude

Before you head to the waiting area or your interview room, thank the receptionist for their assistance. You can say something like, "Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to the interview.

Remember, the goal is to make a good impression and create a positive atmosphere. Being respectful, friendly, and approachable will reflect well on you as a candidate and may even give you a subtle advantage during the interview process. Good luck with your job interview!

How to make conversation

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Are you looking for a job?

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