How to add skills to LinkedIn

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Writing about your skills on LinkedIn is an important aspect of building a strong profile and showcasing your expertise to potential employers, clients, or professional connections. Here are some tips on how to effectively write about your skills on LinkedIn.

Select relevant skills

Focus on skills that are directly related to your profession, industry, and career goals. LinkedIn allows you to add up to 50 skills, but it's best to choose quality over quantity. Highlight the skills that truly define your expertise and align with the positions you are interested in.

Order by importance

Arrange your skills in order of importance, with the most relevant and significant skills at the top of the list. This helps recruiters and visitors quickly identify your key strengths.

Use skill endorsements wisely

LinkedIn allows other users to endorse your skills. While endorsements can add credibility, they should be from individuals who have firsthand knowledge of your abilities in those specific areas. Be cautious about endorsing others for skills you cannot personally vouch for. 

Provide skill examples

Don't just list your skills; give context and examples to demonstrate how you've applied those skills in real-life situations. For instance, you could mention how you used a particular skill to overcome a challenge at work or achieve a specific result. 

Use keywords

Incorporate relevant keywords related to your skills and industry. This can help your profile appear in searches by recruiters and potential employers looking for candidates with specific expertise.

Avoid overused buzzwords

While it's essential to highlight your strengths, try to avoid using generic buzzwords like "hardworking," "team player," or "excellent communication skills." Instead, focus on concrete and demonstrable skills that set you apart.

Show growth & development

If you're working on improving certain skills or acquiring new ones, mention your ongoing efforts. Lifelong learning and professional development are highly valued in today's job market. 

Use skill-specific recommendations

Seek out recommendations that specifically address your skills. These can add more credibility to your profile and validate your expertise. 

Quantify when possible

If applicable, quantify your achievements related to certain skills. For example, if you improved sales performance, mention the percentage increase you achieved. 

Update periodically

As your career progresses and your skills evolve, make sure to update your LinkedIn profile regularly to reflect your current expertise accurately.

Remember, your skills section should complement the other parts of your LinkedIn profile, such as your summary, work experience, and education sections. By presenting a cohesive and compelling profile, you can make a strong impression on visitors and increase your chances of making valuable professional connections.

How to add skills to LinkedIn

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