How to tell if your new job is going well

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Having worked in recruitment for many years, I understand the mix of emotions that come with starting a new job.

There's that blend of excitement and nerves as you step into a new role. Those initial weeks can truly feel like a dream. The process of getting to know the new tasks, forming connections with colleagues, and adapting to the company's unique atmosphere can be quite an experience.

Yet, in the midst of all this uncertainty, I've always noted the importance of gauging whether the new job is meeting your needs and proving to be a positive step.

In this blog post, I'll delve into some clear signs that your new job is going well. 


A welcoming environment | How to tell if your new job is going well

A welcoming environment

One of the first things to consider is how you feel in your new work environment.

A positive, friendly, and open atmosphere can greatly contribute to your overall job satisfaction.

Colleagues and superiors who are friendly, approachable, and eager to help you settle in are a sign of a healthy work environment that values unity.

Clear expectations & goals

A well-structured job should come with clearly defined expectations and goals.

If your manager communicates your responsibilities, outlines performance metrics, and discusses long-term objectives, it shows that your employer will invest in your success.

Having a transparent understanding of what is expected of you allows you to focus on achieving your targets and provides a sense of direction.

Clear expectations & goals

Opportunities for growth | How to tell if your new job is going well

Opportunities for growth

A job that offers opportunities for professional development and growth is invaluable.

Whether through mentorship programs, training sessions, or the chance to work on challenging projects, a company that invests in its employees' growth is worth staying with.

If you find yourself learning new skills, expanding your knowledge, or being given responsibilities that push you to excel, it's a strong indicator that your new job is going well.

Positive feedback & recognition

Receiving constructive feedback and recognition for your efforts is crucial for both personal and professional development.

If your supervisor provides regular feedback, acknowledges your accomplishments, and offers guidance on improvement, it's a sign that your contributions are valued.

Constructive feedback helps you refine your skills and shows that your employer will invest in your success.

Positive feedback & recognition

Enjoyment & work-life balance | How to tell if your new job is going well

Enjoyment & work-life balance

Finding enjoyment in your work and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are essential for long-term job satisfaction.

If you wake up each day looking forward to your tasks, feel energised by the challenges, and still have time for personal pursuits outside of work, it suggests that your new job is well-suited to your interests and values.

A harmonious work-life balance promotes overall well-being and ensures you can maintain a sustainable career in the long run.

Strong relationships & collaboration

Building relationships with colleagues is an integral part of any job.

If you find yourself connecting with your teammates, collaborating effectively on projects, and having open lines of communication, it indicates a positive work culture.

Strong relationships not only enhance the quality of your work but also contribute to a supportive and enjoyable work environment.

Strong relationships & collaboration

Conclusion | How to tell if your new job is going well


While every job has its ups and downs, paying attention to the signs mentioned above can help you gauge whether your new job is heading in the right direction.

Remember that job satisfaction is a subjective experience, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Ultimately, trust your instincts and evaluate how well your new job aligns with your professional and personal aspirations.

By assessing these signs, you can make informed decisions about your career and ensure that you are on the path to success and fulfillment.

If you want further guidance related to this topic, I encourage you to read Indeed's article on how to succeed in your new job.

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