New employment contract for existing employees

Can you create a new employment contract for existing employees?

In Australia, employment contracts are generally subject to both common law principles and statutory requirements. If you wish to make changes to an existing employment contract, it's important to consider the following.


Changes to an employment contract should ideally be made with the agreement of both parties. If the employee agrees to the changes, it can be done through a simple written agreement.

Fair Work Act 2009

The Fair Work Act is a key piece of legislation governing employment in Australia. It sets out certain minimum employment conditions and provides a framework for employment contracts. Any changes made to the contract must comply with the provisions of the Fair Work Act.

Unfair dismissal laws

In Australia, employees may be protected by unfair dismissal laws. If changes to the employment contract involve significant alterations to terms and conditions of employment, it could potentially be considered a dismissal, and unfair dismissal laws may apply.

Good faith & fair dealing

There is an implied duty of good faith and fair dealing in employment relationships in Australia. Employers should act reasonably and not make changes to the employment contract that would be considered unfair or unreasonable.

It's highly recommended to seek legal advice to ensure that any changes to an employment contract comply with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, consider consulting with the affected employee to maintain a positive and cooperative working relationship.

New employment contract for existing employees

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