How much does a DISC assessment cost?

Factors impacting cost

The cost of a DISC assessment can vary depending on several factors, including the provider, the specific type of assessment, and the level of customisation or reporting required. Here are some general guidelines for the cost of DISC assessments.

Online self-assessment tools

There are many online platforms that offer self-assessment DISC tests at a relatively low cost. These assessments are often completed by individuals, and the results may not be as detailed or customised as more expensive options.

Professional DISC assessments

If you are using DISC assessments in a professional setting, such as for hiring, leadership development, or team building, you may want a more comprehensive and customised assessment. These typically involve working with a certified DISC practitioner or consultant who can provide in-depth analysis and guidance. The cost for these professional assessments can vary significantly, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the complexity and customisation of the assessment and the services provided.

Volume pricing

Some providers offer volume discounts for organisations that want to assess multiple individuals or teams. The cost per assessment may be reduced when purchased in bulk.

Specialised assessments

There are also specialised DISC assessments designed for specific industries or purposes, which may come at a higher cost. These assessments often include additional components tailored to the needs of that particular industry or context.

Licensing fees

Some organisations or consultants may require you to pay licensing or certification fees to use their specific version of the DISC assessment tool. These fees can vary and may be in addition to the cost of the assessments themselves.

It's essential to research different providers, assess your specific needs, and consider your budget when selecting a DISC assessment option. Keep in mind that while cost is a factor, the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the assessment to your goals are equally important. Additionally, make sure to work with a reputable and certified provider if you're seeking professional guidance or using the assessment for important decisions in a work or personal context.

How much does a DISC assessment cost?

Want to learn more about DISC?

Want to learn more about DISC?

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