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11 Recruitment is one of the leading executive search agencies in Perth. We offer a specialised executive recruitment service and source for a range of roles including:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Operations Manager / Director
  • Finance Manager / Director
  • Sales Manager / Director
  • HR Manager / Director
  • Marketing Manager / Director
  • IT Manager / Director
  • Service Manager
  • General Manager
  • State Manager
  • National Manager
  • Commercial Manager

The primary focus of our recruitment process is to attract, recruit and retain high achievers.

We have designed our hiring processes under the assumption that high achievers are a scarcity. As such, we cannot just wait around, hoping that a great candidate will find us and apply for our roles. Therefore, we intrinsically search for and approach candidates through talent and market mapping.

When communicating an opportunity with potential candidates, we use a consultative approach. This helps us ensure the person see the opportunity as a long-term career move, not just a short-term remuneration increase. A career move should offer a 30% non-monetary increase, which could be a combination of:

  • Job stretch
  • Job growth
  • Increased job satisfaction

For high achievers, getting a new job is not a transaction and money is often not the top priority. We need to attract people that see your position as something new and exciting - people that see your role as a true career move, not just another job.

Once we have created interest in the opportunity, we focus on evaluating whether the candidate has the necessary skills and experience to achieve the company's objectives.

We then turn our attention to the remuneration package, to see if we can work it out. Not the other way around.

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Executive search Perth | Specialist executive recruitment

Brad Whisson

LabWest Minerals Analysis

"We recently engaged 11 recruitment to fill a senior role.

Christian contacted us promptly to explain their recruitment philosophy and process, and after we accepted their proposal Debbie managed the actual process.

Debbie was highly communicative, keeping us informed at all stages, and her highly detailed interview reports were communicated to us clearly and professionally. We felt that Debbie understood our unique requirements and was quick to ask for clarification if needed.

I recommend 11 Recruitment and would engage them again to fill senior positions."

The traditional recruitment process

A traditional recruitment process is designed from a left-to-right perspective, and we can break it down into four categories - HaveGetDo and Become.

Employers will typically focus on attracting and recruiting a candidate based on the skills and experience they already have. Similarly, the candidate will decide whether or not they are interested in an opportunity based on what they get them from day one.

Even good candidates fall into this trap - they want to know what they will get before they even agree to an in-depth conversation about a role.

This left-to-right thinking can result in both candidates and employers negotiating the broad terms of an offer before finding out whether it is a good fit.

Executive search Perth | The traditional recruitment process

Executive search Perth | The traditional recruitment process

The traditional recruitment process

Our recruitment process

High achievers do not go about finding work the same way an average person does. They tend to find jobs by networking. Therefore, at 11 Recruitment we attract passive candidates into conversations regarding a possible career move by reversing the recruitment process. This "performance-objective" based aproach to allows us generate interest in your role and reach out to passive candidates.

The process begins with what the person needs to do during their first year, and then moves on to what they need to become in their second and third year to be successful. We don't focus on what skills the person needs to have, as the high achievers we approach may have a unique skill set when compared to traditional candidates.

Focusing on the "doing" and "becoming" aspects of recruitment allows us to broaden our talent pool by considering candidates with diverse skills and backgrounds.

To get more top performers into the conversation, we delay the topic of remuneration and benefits. For example, when the person asks "what is the remuneration package?" we typically say "if the job does not represent a career move, then it really does not matter what the pay is. So, let's first find out if this represents a career move for you, then we will see if the compensation can be worked out."

Recruiting the best people starts with attracting the best candidates and emphasising what they will do and what they could become. This is particularly true for executive search.

Executive search Perth | Our recruitment process

Executive search Perth | Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process

Christian Madsen | Managing Director

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