How to get a job in a writer’s room

Getting a job in a writer's room can be competitive and challenging, but it's certainly achievable with the right approach and persistence. Here are some steps you can follow to increase your chances of landing a career in this field.

Develop your writing skills

First and foremost, hone your writing skills. This is the most critical aspect of working in a writer's room. Write scripts, stories, or screenplays to showcase your talent.

Understand the industry

Research the Australian film and television industry to understand the trends, key players, and opportunities. Familiarise yourself with Australian content and shows.


Networking is crucial in the entertainment industry. Attend industry events, film festivals, workshops, and seminars. Join writing groups or organisations like the Australian Writers' Guild (AWG) to connect with professionals.

Education & training

Consider enrolling in screenwriting courses or getting a degree in film or television writing. Many universities and film schools in Australia offer relevant programs.

Build a portfolio

Create a strong portfolio showcasing your writing skills. Include scripts, treatments, or spec episodes of existing TV shows that demonstrate your ability to write in different genres and styles.

Spec scripts

Writing spec scripts (scripts for existing TV shows) can be a great way to show your skills. Choose a popular Australian TV show and write an episode as a sample.

Online presence

Establish an online presence through a personal website or social media. Share your work, engage with others in the industry, and showcase your passion for writing.

Internships & entry-level jobs

Consider applying for entry-level positions in production companies or studios. Even positions like script reader or production assistant can provide valuable industry experience.

Pitch your work

Once you have a strong portfolio, start pitching your scripts to producers, agents, or talent managers. Attend pitch sessions at industry events if possible.


Be prepared for rejection, and don't give up easily. The entertainment industry is highly competitive, so persistence is key. Keep improving your skills and seeking opportunities.

Stay updated

Stay informed about the latest industry news, scriptwriting trends, and new shows in development. This knowledge can be valuable during interviews and meetings.

Submit to competitions & festivals

Many screenwriting competitions and film festivals in Australia provide opportunities for emerging writers to get noticed. Winning or being a finalist can boost your visibility.

Apply for writer's room jobs

Keep an eye on job listings on industry websites, job boards, and company websites for writer's room positions. Tailor your applications and resumes to highlight your relevant skills and experience.

Interview preparation

If you're invited for an interview, be prepared to discuss your writing process, your favorite shows or movies, and how you can contribute to the writer's room dynamic.

Move to a major city

Most of the Australian film and TV industry is concentrated in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Consider relocating if you're not already in a major entertainment hub.

Remember that breaking into the entertainment industry can take time, so stay committed and keep improving your craft. Networking and building relationships within the industry are often just as important as your writing skills when it comes to finding job opportunities.

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How to get a job in a writer’s room

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