Does induction mean I got the job?

While going through the induction process is a good sign that you have been hired, it doesn't mean that you have the job.

Induction typically refers to the process of introducing a new employee to their workplace, colleagues, and job responsibilities. It's a part of the onboarding process that helps new employees settle into their new job.

Job offers are usually given before the induction process begins. However, there could be exceptions depending on the company's hiring practices.

If you have received an offer letter and have formally accepted the job, then you can be mostly certain that you have the job. The induction process is often the next step that follows after accepting a job offer, as it helps prepare you for your new role within the firm. If you're unsure about your job status, it's best to reach out to your HR department or the hiring manager so they can clarify.

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Does induction mean I got the job?

Are you looking for a job?

Are you looking for a job?

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