Can you bring notes into a job interview?

Bringing notes into a job interview is generally acceptable, but can be a sensitive matter, and the appropriateness of doing so depends on the company culture, the nature of the job, and the specific circumstances of the interview.

Here are some considerations and best practices to keep in mind:

Ask for permission

If you're unsure whether bringing notes is appropriate, consider asking the interviewer beforehand. You can say something like, "Would it be okay if I bring some notes with me to reference during our interview?"

Use discretion

While it's acceptable to bring notes, don't rely too heavily on them. Glancing at notes occasionally is fine, but maintain eye contact and engage in the conversation.

Organise your notes

If you decide to bring notes, make sure they are well-organized and easy to navigate. This can include key points about your experiences, achievements, and questions you want to ask.

Avoid reading directly

Try to avoid reading directly from your notes. Use them as a reference to jog your memory rather than as a script. This will help you come across as more natural and engaged.

Bring a few copies

If your notes include specific examples of your work, achievements, or a portfolio, consider bringing a few copies for the interviewers. This shows initiative and preparedness.

Focus on the interview

Your primary focus should be on the interview conversation. Don't let the notes distract you or take away from the interpersonal aspect of the interview.

Be mindful of the setting

In some interviews, particularly for creative or technical roles, bringing a portfolio or work samples may be expected and appreciated. In more formal settings, it's crucial to be mindful of the company culture.

Remember that different employers may have different expectations regarding the use of notes in interviews. Some may encourage it, while others may prefer a more conversational and spontaneous interaction. Always use your best judgment based on the specific context of the interview and the company culture.

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Can you bring notes into a job interview?

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