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How we recruited a General Manager

About the client

Our client is a West Australian supplier for extruded concrete kerbs and barriers. They have provided kerbing and concrete services to clients throughout WA for the past 25 years.

  • Location - Malaga, WA
  • Industry - construction
  • Size - 30 employees

We applied our three-phase service delivery model for this recruitment drive.

About the client

Video job advertisement

Social media algorithms favour videos over still content, so we create video advertisements for all vacancies to help source our candidates.

We take full advantage of this unique and highly effective form of candidate sourcing in order to reach the right candidate at the right time. 

We post our videos on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. They are posted on these platforms 10-20 times, based on relevance. Our videos typically receive over 1,000 views within the first 24 hours.

Job advertisement

We constantly refresh, rewrite and reformat our job advertisements to optimise the quality of applications received. Our approach is aggressive - we post around 20 advertisements for every permanent job. Advertisements are posted on:

  • Job boards - Seek, Adzuna, Glassdoor, Indeed and Jora
  • Social media - LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • 11 Recruitment's website

On average, our advertisements receive over 100 applications and perform well above the market benchmark for Seek, shown in this graph.

General Manager

  • A hands-on leadership role for a team of 25
  • Be fully accountable for the day-to-day running of the business
  • Privately owned company based in Osborne Park


Operating out of Osborne Park, our client is a privately-owned company who are within the civil construction industry. They aim to provide the best quality in their products and services.  Since their start-up 9 years ago, they have used cutting edge methods and equipment that make them the first choice for civil engineering road construction projects.

The General Manager reports directly to the Owner who is not involved with the day-to-day running of the business.


As General Manager, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage day-to-day operations, policies, procedures and systems within the company. 

The duties for this role will include:

  • Managing a team of over 25 staff
  • Developing sales and project tender responses
  • Placing heavy emphasis on roadworks and major structures
  • Strategic business planning including financial management duties (forecasting, budgeting)
  • Continuously developing / maintaining relationships with clients
  • Being hands-on with clients, authorities, contractors and staff


The successful candidate will have:

  • A degree in Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Commercial Construction experience
  • Solid experience in road construction
  • A proven account management track record
  • P&L experience 
  • Working knowledge of ISO 9000 Quality Management
  • Know-how of LEAN six sigma
  • Tender management experience
  • Experience working for a small company

Assessment Matrix design

Our in-house designed, custom made software generates an Assessment Matrix, which is our blueprint for the recruitment process. Our process consists of screening, interviews, document verification, skills testing, personality profiling and reference checks.

Ticks indicate the point at which each criteria is addressed. More importance criteria are checked multiple times throughout the recruitment process.

Selection criteria







Civil engineering qualification


General manager

Financial management

People management - 40 staff

ISO 9000 QM working knowledge

LEAN six sigma

Road construction

Dealing with concrete

Account management success

Qualification implementation examples

Large project tendering

Project management and scheduling


Microsoft Word - advanced

Microsoft Excel - advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint - advanced

Spelling and grammar - excellent

Apply technical equipment in production process

Verify LinkedIn vs CV

Accept expected salary ($150k)

Previous warning of termination?

Will you pass a drug test?


Dominance - 60%

Influence - 55%

Steadiness - 27%

Compliance - 51%

Forms signed

Health / police check

Signed document - tell the truth

Docs verified

Driver’s licence

Citizen AU / NZ or PR

DISC profiling

Similar to people, jobs have their own behavioural profile that is based on duties, environment and communication. We create a profile for every job vacancy, enabling us to match an applicant's behaviour against that of a specific role.

We use DISC, which examines the following attributes:

  • Dominance - accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence
  • Influence - persuading others, openness, dependability
  • Steadiness - cooperation, sincerity, dependability
  • Compliance - quality, accuracy, expertise

DISC profile - General Manager

General Manager

Shortlisted candidates

Candidate A

Candidate B

Candidate C

Behavioural adaptation by candidates to match the job profile:

Candidate A

Candidate B

Candidate C


Our aim is to produce a strong shortlist by sourcing widely. We measure every stage in our recruitment process to ensure we meet this key objective.

Our service comes with an extended 18-month replacement guarantee. This guarantee means our interests are mutually aligned - to recruit high achievers who will excel and stay.

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Christian Madsen | Managing Director

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