How to write a LinkedIn summary

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Showcase your skills & experience

Writing an effective LinkedIn summary is crucial as it serves as your first impression to potential employers, colleagues, and connections. A well-written summary showcases your skills, experiences, and personal brand.

Start with a strong opening

Begin with a captivating hook that highlights your unique selling point or value proposition. This could be your expertise, passion, or a specific achievement. 

Briefly introduce yourself

Mention your name, current job title, and industry. This sets the context for the reader. 

Highlight your key skills & achievements

Identify the key skills and accomplishments that make you stand out in your field. Use bullet points or short, concise sentences to make it easy to read. 

Showcase your personality

Your LinkedIn summary is not just a résumé; it's an opportunity to show some personality and give readers a sense of who you are beyond your professional achievements. Be authentic and let your voice shine through. 

Explain your passion & motivation

Share what drives you in your career, what you're passionate about, and the impact you want to make. This helps create a stronger connection with readers who share similar values. 

Include your career goals

Mention your long-term aspirations and the direction you want to take your career. This can attract like-minded professionals and opportunities aligned with your vision.

Use keywords strategically

Incorporate relevant keywords related to your industry and job role to increase the visibility of your profile in searches.

Provide a call-to-action

Encourage readers to connect with you, reach out for opportunities, or visit your website/portfolio for more information. 

Keep it concise

Aim for a length of around 3-5 paragraphs or 3-5 bullet points. Avoid large blocks of text that can overwhelm readers.

Proofread & edit

Ensure your summary is free from grammatical errors and typos. A polished and professional summary reflects well on you.

Update regularly

As your career evolves, revisit and update your summary to reflect your most recent accomplishments and goals.

Remember, your LinkedIn summary is your chance to make a positive impression on potential connections and employers, so invest time and effort into creating a compelling and authentic summary that showcases your professional value and aspirations.

How to write a LinkedIn summary

Example of a well-written summary

Hello, I'm First Name, a passionate marketing professional with 6+ years of experience in creating datadriven digital marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and boost revenue. As a result-oriented marketer, I've successfully managed and executed campaigns for both startups and Fortune 500 companies, generating a 30% increase in customer acquisition for my last employer.

I thrive on staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and enjoy exploring innovative ways to engage audiences. Beyond my technical skills, I'm dedicated to fostering strong client relationships and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver outstanding results.

Outside of work, I'm an avid traveller and photography enthusiast, always seeking inspiration from new cultures and landscapes. I believe in the power of storytelling and aim to create meaningful connections with audiences through impactful visual content.

My ultimate goal is to lead marketing initiatives for a purpose-driven organisation that shares my commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. If you share similar interests or want to explore potential collaborations, let's connect! I look forward to expanding my network and exchanging insights with fellow professionals.

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