Can I request a copy of my employment contract?

If you need a copy of your employment contract, you should reach out to your employer or the human resources department. They are typically responsible for maintaining and providing copies of employment contracts to employees.

Here are a few things that you can do:

Contact HR

Reach out to the human resources department of your company. You can send an email or call them to request a copy of your employment contract.

Check employee handbook or policies

Sometimes, the employment contract may be part of the employee handbook or a set of company policies. You can check these documents first to see if the contract is included.

Specify the need

In your request, be clear about why you need a copy of the employment contract. Whether it's for personal records, legal reasons, or any other purpose, providing context can help expedite the process.

Provide identification

You may be required to prove your identity to ensure that the request is legitimate. Be prepared to provide some form of identification or confirmation of your employment.

Follow company procedures

Some companies may have specific procedures for handling such requests. Be sure to follow any guidelines or processes outlined by your employer.

Remember, your employment contract is a legal document, and employers are generally obligated to provide you with a copy when requested. If you encounter any difficulties or if there are specific legal requirements in your jurisdiction, you may want to seek advice from a legal professional.

For more information regarding employment contracts, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman. Additionally, click the button below to read our article on what an employment contract should include.

Can I request a copy of my employment contract?

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