How to get a job in a bank

Getting a job in a bank requires careful planning and preparation. Here are steps you can take to get started.

Research the Australian banking industry

Understand the banking landscape in Australia, including the major banks, their services, and the areas of the industry that interest you.

Assess your qualifications

Evaluate your qualifications, skills, and experience to determine which roles within the banking sector you are eligible for.

Build relevant skills & knowledge

Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for the specific banking role you are targeting. This might include financial analysis, customer service, compliance, and more.


Attend industry events, join professional organisations, and use online platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals in the banking industry. Networking can help you learn about job opportunities and get referrals.

Resume & cover letter

Create a tailored resume and cover letter that highlight your skills and experiences relevant to the banking sector. Be sure to customise these documents for each application.

Job search

Look for job openings at banks in Australia on their websites, job boards (e.g., Seek, Indeed), and professional networks. You can also work with recruitment agencies specialising in finance and banking.

Prepare for interviews

Practice common interview questions, and be ready to discuss your understanding of banking, your qualifications, and how you can contribute to the bank's success.

Australian work visa

Ensure that you have the necessary work rights or a valid Australian work visa if you're not an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Professional development

Consider further education or certifications such as the Certificate IV in Banking Services or Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking to enhance your qualifications.

Apply for entry-level roles

If you are new to banking, consider applying for entry-level positions such as a customer service representative, bank teller, or personal banker to gain experience and work your way up.

Interview etiquette

Dress professionally for interviews, arrive on time, and be well prepared to answer questions about your qualifications and motivation to work in the banking sector.

Follow up

After interviews, send thank-you emails to the interviewers, reiterating your interest in the position.

Continuous learning

Stay updated on industry trends, regulations, and innovations in the banking sector. Continuous learning can make you a more attractive candidate.

Be persistent & patient

Landing a job in the banking sector can be competitive. Be persistent in your job search, and don't get discouraged by rejections.

Consider internships or graduate programs

Many banks in Australia offer internship programs and graduate recruitment programs. These can be excellent entry points into the industry.

Be open to relocation

Depending on your location and the availability of positions, you may need to be open to relocating to areas with more job opportunities in the banking sector.

Remember that the Australian banking industry is highly regulated, so ensure that you are aware of and compliant with all relevant regulations and licensing requirements, especially if you plan to work in roles that require it, such as financial advising or mortgage broking.

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How to get a job in a bank

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Are you looking for a job?

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