About us

11 Recruitment

Established in 2005 by Christian Madsen, 11 Recruitment is an Australian white-collar recruitment company.

Since inception we have worked with more than 1,500 companies – not only in WA – but across Australia and NZ, as well as in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

In this time, we have processed 1.5 mill CVs and have achieved a Google rating of 5.0 from both our clients and applicants.


Our vision is to create an amazing journey for our clients and applicants that is straightforward, stress-free and worthwhile.

At 11 Recruitment, we believe in treating our clients and applicants as though they are our guests, and we aim to provide them with a rewarding experience.

We see each day as another opportunity to adjust and improve, in order to exceed our guests’ expectations.

Google reviews

We are proud to be a top-rated recruitment agency, with a Google rating of 5.0.

It is about the impact we make to peoples’ lives that gets us excited. We believe, if we provide great experiences, then everything else follows along. Google Reviews are one of our primary KPIs. 

That is what sets us apart in the recruitment industry.


The purpose of our inhouse custom made software is to minimise some of the risks associated with recruitment. In essence, to avoid hiring the wrong people or avoid getting the right people into the wrong jobs.

Our software enables us to provide a better match between applicants and jobs.

We have a profound desire to break from the pack and redefine recruitment by integrating workflow automation in our recruitment processes.


We have two masters – Employers and Job Seekers. Each want the same thing, but from the opposite end.


Our mission is to source high calibre candidates and run consistent, reliable recruitment programmes that will deliver top-quality employees for our clients.

Our success depends on placing the right candidate in the right role at the right time. To achieve this, we created our own custom-designed recruitment workflow software.

This software is unparalleled by any other recruitment software on the market. It is unique.

Job seekers

We like to place people in jobs. As recruiters, we have an obligation to ensure that their skills and experience are matched to the job so that they can fulfil their role successfully.

We place a high value on our candidates’ career aspirations to ensure they are satisfied and engaged in their placement.

We are thrilled to make a difference.

Job seeker support

Unfortunately, we are not able to place every job seeker. However, we do have a wealth of knowledge we like to share.

We constantly produce e-books, articles and videos with tips and tricks to assist any job seeker in landing a dream job.

We also undertake employment programs to improve peoples’ employability through “work trials”. This is designed for people who have sustained workplace injuries and require a career change.

At any given time have between 4 to 6 affected individuals working in our offices.

Online Marketing Tools

Employment & legislation

Our practices are compliant with all relevant legislation such as Australian discrimination laws, Labour Acts and applicable labour laws.

It is expected that our staff act with courtesy, integrity and respect.

We survey applicants and clients on a consistent and systematic basis to ensure we live up to their expectations.


As per our Privacy Policy, we are committed to protecting both our clients’ and candidates’ confidential and private information. We constantly review our procedures.

Our staff are trained to act in accordance with high ethical standards the laws of Australia, federal, state and local.

Our environment

We seek to reduce our energy demand by promoting environmental sustainability in our everyday activities as much as possible.

We have a paperless work environment, and we regularly review our waste reduction, recycling, and energy consumption.

Our employees

We have an obligation to provide a safe workplace for our employees, both physically and mentally.

We undertake our operations in a manner that strives to safeguard the safety of employees and the broader public.

We have had no recorded breaches registered with Worksafe WA since we commenced operation in 2005.

Safety is a top priority.

Community engagement

We care for people and we aim to go beyond the normal boundaries of running a recruitment business.

Our desire is to give back to our community beyond our business model. Over the years we have donated to charities such as St Vincent de Paul, Arthritis Foundation WA and the Cancer Council of WA.

We are committed.

Remuneration & commission

The recruitment industry typically pays a low salary and high commission. Our staff are not paid this way. In fact they are not paid commission at all.

We believe it drives the wrong type of behaviour. It focuses on short term results rather than long term client and applicant satisfaction. We pay a fair and competitive salary.

Money should not a driver of behaviour.

Work / life balance

Work should be inspirational and fulfilling. However, we know everyone has a life outside of work and we make sure work-life supports a healthy personal life.

Diversity & inclusion

Diversity – Inclusion. We believe this makes us a stronger team. Diverse backgrounds, experiences and thoughts make our team more powerful, resilient and innovative.

We welcome each and everyone. As a workplace, we expect everyone to comfortably bring their authentic whole selves to work.

Everyone to be who they are – comfortably.

11 Recruitment is a proud equal opportunity recruitment agency. Our team is dedicated to a fair process and our consultants are committed to creating diverse and inclusive employment opportunities.