Advantages and disadvantages of hiring young employees

General trends

Hiring young employees can bring several advantages and disadvantages to an organisation. It's important to note that these traits can vary depending on the individual, and age alone should not be the sole determinant in the hiring process. 

Advantages of hiring young employees

Fresh perspective: Young employees often bring fresh ideas, creativity, and innovative thinking to the table. They may have a more up-to-date knowledge of emerging trends and technologies.

Energy and enthusiasm: Younger employees tend to be full of energy and enthusiasm, which can be contagious and boost overall morale within the organisation.

Willingness to learn: Younger individuals are typically more open to learning and adapting to new processes and technologies, making them valuable assets in rapidly changing industries.

Cost-effective: Younger employees often have lower salary expectations, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to manage their labour expenses.

Adaptability: Young workers tend to be more adaptable to change and less resistant to trying new methods or approaches.

Technological proficiency: Growing up in a digital age, younger employees are generally more tech-savvy and comfortable with digital tools and platforms.

Disadvantages of hiring young employees

Lack of experience: Younger employees may lack the depth of experience that older, more seasoned professionals bring to the table, which can be a disadvantage in roles requiring extensive knowledge or expertise.

Short-term commitment: Young employees might be more prone to job-hopping or seeking new opportunities, potentially leading to higher turnover rates.

Limited networking: They may not have the same level of professional network connections that more experienced individuals have, which can affect certain roles or tasks that require extensive networking.

Limited soft skills: Younger employees may have less developed interpersonal and communication skills, which can be crucial in roles that involve client interactions or team leadership.

Overconfidence: Some young employees may exhibit overconfidence or a lack of humility, which can hinder collaboration and teamwork.

Lack of industry knowledge: In some cases, younger workers may not have a deep understanding of the industry or market, which could limit their ability to make informed decisions.

In summary, hiring young employees can bring fresh perspectives, energy, and cost-effectiveness to an organisation. However, they may lack experience, have a shorter commitment horizon, and potentially lack certain soft skills. The decision to hire young employees should be based on the specific needs of your organisation and the qualifications of the individual candidates rather than their age alone.

For more information regarding this topic, read LinkedIn's article on the pros and cons of employing "young workers".

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring young employees

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