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11 Recruitment is Adelaide's top-rated recruitment agency, maintaining 5 stars on Google. We recruit for temporary and permanent vacancies across Adelaide and South Australia, and specialise in recruitment for executive and upper management, finance and accounting, marketing, accounts and bookkeeping, sales, and administration.

Whether you're looking for a new employee or hunting for a job, we can help. Explore our range of corporate and job seeker services and discover if we're the right fit for you or your business.


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11 Recruitment can help you find your dream job. Whether you're looking for a permanent position, a casual job or temp work, we can help.
Our aim is to be the best employment agency in Adelaide, South Australia. That might be a big target, but it gives us something to strive for. 
So, why not download some free tips and advice we have put together?

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11 Recruitment


132 reviews

Emma Brand - recruitment agencies Adelaide

Emma Brand

I was recently recruited for a role through 11 Recruitment's services and found the entire process to be extremely professional. In particular, Christian was consistent and clear in his communication, making the process smooth and efficient. He has been incredibly generous with his time, providing me with valuable areas for professional development and ensuring the position was a good fit for both parties.

Assunta De Bono - recruitment agencies Adelaide

Assunta De Bono

Christian and his team are wonderful. They are professional, transparent, friendly and helpful. An uplifting recruitment experience from a candidate client perspective.

Christian is always willing to impart his extensive knowledge, wisdom and experience. I have found his videos and tips from job search to interview to be of immense value. Even if we think we know it all, there is always something new to learn, even if it is just a perspective shift on the way you conduct your job search effort and interview style.

11 Recruitment will look after you, they won't leave you wondering and keep you informed during the whole process. They make sure they provide best match candidates to their employer clientele. Which ultimately benefits the candidate too.

Jolan Moore - recruitment agencies Adelaide

Jolan Moore

My experience of working with 11 Recruitment has been brilliant. They strive to provide superior customer service in an approachable and a professional manner. The recruitment process is efficient, timely and comes with useful advice. Their commitments to find you the best job opportunities as well as their dedication to provide individual attention make them an exceptional agency. It has been a pleasure working with them. I highly recommend 11 Recruitment.

Lindsey Kennewell - recruitment agencies Adelaide

Lindsey Kennewell

Christian and his team have always been totally professional in locating candidates for our Company. They respond very quickly to any queries and are able to utilise the latest technologies.

Whether you are searching for "temp agencies Adelaide SA", "employment agencies Adelaide", or just "recruitment agencies Adelaide", we will try to assist you the best we can. Hence, we have created a lot of free downloads to help you in your job search. Moreover, we would love to share with you our best job hunting tips, ideas of how to write a standout resume and what leading employment agencies in Adelaide are looking for. As you have probably experienced not all recruitment agencies are the same. 

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Recruitment agencies Adelaide - looking to hire high achievers?

Looking to hire high achievers?

We know how to source people with the potential to excel and stay, through the use of:
  • Search and headhunting;
  • Online marketing; and
  • Our database of over 100,000 white-collar candidates.
We use our own recruitment software to assess the suitability and behavioural fit of candidates, allowing us to provide a hassle-free and efficient service every time. Our thorough recruitment process also enables us to provide an 18-month replacement guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you won't be left out of pocket.

Top employment agency in Adelaide for temp and perm recruitment.

Bob Blakiston - recruitment agencies Adelaide

Bob Blakiston

"Christian and 11 Recruitment have supported my HR recruitment requirements for the last decade.

I have always found his company to be detailed in their recruitment processes that achieved appointment of successful applicants that fit.

By allowing 11 to handle the recruitment process, to present short listed candidates, has always worked well for me.

It allowed more time to drive business growth with the benefit of the right people who have been carefully selected for the roles that needed to hit the ground running.

11 Recruitment is a top recruitment agency."

Recruitment agencies Adelaide - need a temp or contract employee?

Need a temp or contract employee?

We provide white-collar staff for short-term and long-term temporary vacancies. We also cover jobs that are temp-to-perm.
Our major advantage is our recruitment software, which enables us to:
  • Provide high-calibre casual staff;
  • Work within short time frames; and
  • Recruit top-quality employees.
We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality temporary personnel. Therefore, we conduct face-to-face interviews, skills testing and reference checks for all of our temps.

Top employment agency - recruit for jobs across Adelaide.

What's the most expensive employee you can hire?

Recruitment is all about minimising the risk of hiring the wrong person. Find out how to avoid costly mistakes by:
  • Discovering the four categories of candidates; and
  • Learning how the Assessment Matrix works.

Soon you'll be on your way to recruiting top quality employees.

Adelaide recruitment agencies - top employment agency.

David Woods - recruitment agencies Adelaide

David Woods

CTD Group

"Christian is one of the sharpest businessmen I know.

I was lucky enough to work with him, and since then he has set the bar in which I have measured other recruitment agencies and business leaders by.

His ability to structure and organise 11 Recruitment using technology and process may come naturally to Christian, but is unique.

He empowers his team and sets the standards, where everyone in the company knows what is expected of them."

Recruitment agencies Adelaide - white-collar office and admin temps

White-collar office and admin temps across Adelaide

Well, let's start with - all temp employment agencies are not the same. We value quality and have built our recruitment workflow automation to enhance our quality assurance systems.
Secondly, we value the principle - happy temps, happy clients, happy staff at 11 Recruitment. Hence, we aim to be one of the leading temp recruitment agencies in Adelaide through our thorough approach to temporary recruiting.
We can offer you professional and reliable temp agency services - whether this is temps, temp-to-perm, contractors or casuals solutions. This includes, short term jobs, trial positions, maternity leave assignments or longer contracts with no finite end date.

We provide temps in the following areas such as admin, finance, accounts, sales, marketing and legal.

Top recruitment agency - temp recruitment Adelaide.

Recruitment agencies Adelaide - short term and long term casual work

Short term & long term casual work

We take temp assignment running as short a 4 hours as well as long term assignments. Often speed is of the essence so we can conduct online interviews and skills testing with a short turnaround time. We make sure proper inductions, OH&S site inspections are covered to minimise the risk to the host employer and the casual employee. We aim to match the right temporary employees with the right employers.

Best temp vacancies Adelaide.

Recruitment agencies Adelaide - find out more about 11 Recruitment

Find out more about 11 Recruitment

We recruit for jobs across Adelaide, South Australia. As a leading white-collar search and recruitment consultancy, we have developed our own unique recruitment methodology - it is all software driven.
11 Recruitment is a top employment agency in Adelaide, South Australia. Since inception, we have worked with more than 1,500 companies not only in SA but across Australia and NZ. In this time we have processed more than 1,000,000 CVs.
To process all of these CVs, we designed our own recruitment software, which is unparalleled by any other program currently on the market. We use it for temporary, casual, contract and permanent placements.
It is unique.
The purpose of this software is to minimise some of the risks associated with recruitment. In essence, to avoid hiring the wrong people or avoid getting the right people into the wrong jobs.
Our software enables us to provide a better match between applicants and jobs.
It works.

Recruitment agencies Adelaide - we are a consultancy

We are a consultancy - not just a CV seller

11 Recruitment is a consultancy - not just a CV seller. So, if you are assessing temp agencies in Adelaide or permanent employment agencies in South Australia, we are proud to be regarded as having the best staff and leading recruitment procedures in the recruitment industry.
Since 2005, we have provided permanent and temporary personnel to  South Australian businesses and local governments, and blue-chip national and multinational companies across Australia.

We have the best temp and permanent vacancies.