What is a meet and greet job interview?

A meet and greet job interview is a type of interview that is less structured and less focused on evaluating a candidate for a specific job opening. Instead, it is an opportunity for job seekers to network, learn more about a company or industry, and gather information about potential career paths. Here are some key characteristics of a meet and greet job interview.

Informal setting

Meet and greet interviews are typically conducted in a more relaxed and informal setting, such as a coffee shop, office lounge, or over the phone. They are less structured than traditional job interviews.


The primary goal of a meet and greet interview is to establish a professional connection and build a network. Job seekers use these interviews to make contacts within a company or industry.

Information gathering

Candidates often use meet and greet interviews to gather information about a company, its culture, and the roles it offers. They may ask questions about the company's mission, values, and future plans.

Career exploration

Meet and greet interviews can be especially useful for individuals who are exploring different career options or transitioning to a new field. They can learn about various career paths and get advice from experienced professionals.

No job offer

It's important to note that meet and greet interviews are not typically conducted with the intention of offering a job. Instead, they are more about building relationships and gathering information.


Job seekers often initiate meet and greet interviews by reaching out to professionals or companies they are interested in. They may send a request for an informational interview or contact someone in their network to make a connection.


After a meet and greet interview, it's common for candidates to send a thank-you email and maintain regular contact with the person they interviewed with to nurture the professional relationship.

While meet and greet interviews may not directly lead to a job offer, they can be valuable in expanding your network, gaining insights into potential career paths, and increasing your knowledge of a particular industry or organisation. These interviews can also help you make a positive impression and stand out when a job opportunity does arise in the future.

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What is a meet and greet job interview?

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