How to register with a temp agency

Steps to follow

If you're interested in temping and want to learn how to register with a temp agency, here are the general steps to follow.

Research & select a temp agency

Look for reputable temp agencies in your area that specialise in the type of work you're interested in. Check online directories, ask for recommendations, search job boards that advertise temporary positions, and check Google reviews.

Prepare your resume

Update your resume to highlight your skills, qualifications, and previous work experience. Tailor it to match the types of positions you're seeking. Emphasise any relevant skills or certifications that make you a strong candidate for temporary work.

Contact the temp agency

Reach out to the temp agency either through their website, email, or phone number. You can inquire about their registration process and express your interest in working as a temporary employee. Some agencies may require you to fill out an online application form instead.

Attend an interview or orientation

The temp agency may invite you for an interview or an orientation session. This allows them to assess your skills, discuss your preferences, and learn about the types of assignments you're interested in. It's also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the agency's policies, available positions, and the registration process.

Provide necessary documentation

The agency will likely require certain documents to verify your identity and eligibility to work. These may include your resume, identification (such as a passport or driver's license), work permits (if applicable), and any relevant certifications or licenses.

Complete paperwork & agreements

Once you've been accepted by the agency, you'll need to complete paperwork and agreements to formalise your registration. This may include signing a contract or agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of your temporary employment.

Skills assessment

Depending on the nature of the temporary positions you're interested in, the agency may require you to undergo a skills assessment. This assessment helps the agency match you with suitable assignments based on your abilities.

Availability & preferences

Communicate your availability and preferences regarding the types of assignments you're looking for. Temporary work can vary in terms of duration, shift timings, and specific job requirements. Let the agency know your preferences so they can consider them when offering you assignments.

Stay in touch

Keep in regular contact with the agency to let them know about your availability, update your skills or qualifications, and express your interest in new assignments. Promptly respond to their calls or emails, as this demonstrates your commitment and reliability as a temporary employee.

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If you choose to register with us, you can expect to:

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  • Have work flexibility
  • Develop new skills and be trained in a range of roles
  • Earn money while you're studying or between jobs
  • Potentially end up in a permanent role

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How to register with a temp agency

Are you looking for a job?

Are you looking for a job?

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