Do casual employees need to give notice?

Flexibility to terminate

In Australia, casual employees typically do not need to give notice when ending their employment. Casual employment is characterised by its irregular and unpredictable nature, and it does not usually involve an ongoing commitment from either the employer or the employee. Therefore, casual employees often have the flexibility to terminate their employment without providing notice.

However, it's essential to check any employment contract or industrial award that may apply to the specific situation, as there can be variations in the terms and conditions of casual employment depending on the industry and employer. Some employment contracts or awards may require casual employees to give notice, so it's important to be aware of any such requirements.

In most cases, casual employees can simply inform their employer that they will no longer be available for work, and this is generally considered acceptable practice for ending casual employment.

Visit the Fair Work Ombudsman to learn more about casual employees and their entitlements.

Do casual employees need to give notice?

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