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At 11 Recruitment, we typically get involved in the recruitment process when a client is seeking a high achiever to lift their business, recruiting for a role that is hard to fill, or having trouble sourcing or attracting suitable candidates.

To address these needs, we provide a full range of permanent and temporary recruitment services for vacancies across all organisational levels - from Office Assistants to Chief Administrative Officers.

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General recruitment

General recruitment

Conventional candidate sourcing consists of posting a job ad on SEEK or knowing someone with a network. However, when you are trying to recruit high achievers, sourcing becomes much more than this.

At 11 Recruitment, we treat talent sourcing as an activity in online marketing. As such, we have built a unique strategy using the following tools.

  • Video advertising
  • Google reviews
  • LinkedIn
  • Job boards
  • Online visibility
  • Marketing automation
  • SEEK talent search
  • Our CV database

Our approach to recruitment means our placements have a high rate of long-term success. 

We offer an extended 18-month performance guarantee on permanent placements. In comparison, the industry standard is 3 months. Having an extended guarantee period means it is in our best interests to source a candidate who will stay and excel in your role.

Executive search

At 11 Recruitment, we understand that high achievers don't look for work like typical candidates do. Top executives are usually passive in the job market. Instead of actively applying for vacancies, they are typically headhunted or approached regarding new opportunities via their network.

At 11, we apply a performance-objective approach to reach these candidates. Unlike other executive recruitment agencies in Perth, we reverse the traditional recruitment process. 

  • We identify potential talent based on what they'll do in their first year.
  • We consider what they'll need to become in subsequent years.
  • We don't focus on what skills the person needs to have, as high achievers tend to have unique skills or transferrable skills that are difficult to quantify.
  • To initiate more conversations, we delay the topic of what the person will get

For top executives, getting a new job is not a transaction and money is often not the top priority. Therefore, we focus on attracting individuals who will see the position as a career move rather than a short-term remuneration increase.

Additionally, focusing on the "do" and "become" aspects of recruitment allows us to broaden our talent pool by considering executives with diverse skills and backgrounds.

Executive search

Temp placement

Temp placement

Not all temp agencies are the same. So, what makes 11 Recruitment different?

One major factor that distinguishes us from other agencies is our unique recruitment software. This software enables us to:

  • Provide high-calibre casual staff.
  • Work within short time frames.
  • Recruit top-quality employees.

We place a great emphasis on the quality of our temporary staff. As such, we have implemented workflow automation to improve the effectiveness of our quality assurance systems.

Additionally, all of our temporary employees go through an interview process, have their references checked and undergo relevant skills testing.

In terms of safety, we conduct thorough OH&S site inspections and provide inductions for all temporary assignments. This helps to keep everyone safe.