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White-collar temps

White-collar temps

Our consultants fill a range of white-collar temp roles including:

  • Accounting & payroll
  • Administration
  • Data entry
  • Reception
  • Secretarial
  • Accounts & bookkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Sales & marketing
  • Telesales & call centre

We provide temps for short and long-term assignment, unexpected, annual and maternity leave cover and temp-to-perm opportunities.

What makes 11 Recruitment different?

What makes 11 Recruitment different?

One major factor that distinguishes 11 Recruitment from other temp agencies is our unique recruitment software. This software enables us to:

  • Source top-quality temps
  • Work within short time frames

We place a great emphasis on the quality of our staff. As such, we have implemented workflow automation to improve the effectiveness of our quality assurance systems. Plus, all of our temps are interviewed and reference checked.

Additionally, if your temp assignment turns into a permanent role, we will give you an extended 18-month guarantee on your new employee. In comparison, the industry standard is 3 months.

Talent sourcing strategies

Talent sourcing strategies

To source candidates for temp roles, we use our comprehensive database of over 150,000 white-collar candidates. We log all of our candidates' details in this database, including their:

  • Previous temp assignments
  • CV/resume and cover letter
  • Answers to screening questions
  • Entire communication history

In addition to searching our database, we use the following sourcing strategies:

  • Online visibility and traffic score - we aim to be at the top of relevant search engine results page listings, so temps come to us before anyone else
  • Video advertising - social media platforms favour videos over still content, so make videos to connect with potential temps in a personal way
  • Google reviews - having a high Google rating is crucial, as many temps decide whether or not to engage with an agency based on their reviews
  • Lead magnets - we build long-term relationships with potential temps so that when they are ready, they can make contact for a confidential chat
  • SEEK talent search - we search SEEK's database to find the best temps
  • Job board advertising - we continuously optimise our ads to attract top talent