How to get a job in a car dealership

Getting a job at a car dealership in Australia typically involves a combination of education, networking, and job search strategies. Here are steps you can follow to increase your chances of landing a job at a car dealership in Australia.

Education & training

Consider acquiring relevant education and training. While not always mandatory, having a background in automotive technology, sales, or business can be beneficial. Some positions, like mechanics or technicians, may require specific certifications or trade qualifications. Ensure you meet these requirements if applicable.

Understand the job market

Research the automotive industry in Australia. Understand the types of roles available in car dealerships, such as salesperson, technician, customer service, finance, and management.

Create a resume & cover letter

Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your relevant skills, qualifications, and any prior experience related to the automotive industry. Highlight any customer service, sales, or technical skills you possess.

Search for job openings

Check job search websites like Seek, Indeed, and LinkedIn for car dealership job listings. Visit the websites of specific dealerships as they may post job openings there as well.


Attend automotive industry events, job fairs, and networking events. This will help you connect with professionals in the field and learn about job opportunities. Consider joining online automotive forums or social media groups where industry professionals discuss job openings and trends.

Prepare for interviews

Practice common interview questions related to the automotive industry, customer service, and sales. Be ready to demonstrate your knowledge of cars and your passion for the industry.

Certifications & licensing

Depending on the role, you may need specific certifications or licenses. For example, salespeople may need a motor vehicle salesperson license. Ensure you understand and meet any legal requirements for the position you're interested in.

Customer service skills

Customer service is often crucial in the automotive industry. Highlight your excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and willingness to provide outstanding service.

Apply strategically

Apply for positions that match your skills and qualifications.
Follow the application instructions provided in job listings carefully.

Prepare for a test drive

If you're applying for a sales role, be ready for a test drive with potential employers. They may want to assess your knowledge of cars and your ability to sell.

Be persistent & patient

Getting a job in the automotive industry can sometimes take time, so be persistent and keep applying to suitable positions.

Consider internships or entry-level positions

If you're struggling to secure a full-time position immediately, consider internships or entry-level roles to gain experience and build your network in the industry.

Remember that the automotive industry can be competitive, so it's essential to stand out by showcasing your relevant skills and passion for cars. Building a strong professional network and continuously improving your knowledge of the industry will also increase your chances of success.

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How to get a job in a car dealership

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