Talent identification & sourcing

There are two types of candidates

In the context of sourcing top talent for executive positions, we must first make a distinction between active and passive candidates.

Active candidates (~10% of the total talent pool)

Active candidates are readily available and seeking to advance or change their careers. These individuals are proactively engaging in job-hunting activities, such as applying for roles, networking, or contacting recruitment agencies.

Passive candidates (~90% of the total talent pool)

Passive candidates are individuals who are not actively seeking new job opportunities but may still possess the desired skills, experience, and qualifications for the role.

These candidates are typically employed and satisfied with their current positions, making them less likely to actively apply for job openings. However, they may be open to a new opportunity if presented with the right career move.

A search assignment should effectively target both active and passive candidates. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that engaging passive candidates demands an entirely distinct approach compared to reaching active candidates.

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There are two types of candidates

How we source active candidates

How we source active candidates

We leverage various channels, including job boards and external CV databases, to source active candidates.

Job boards

Job boards, such as industry-specific platforms, professional networks, and popular job posting sites, allow us to reach a wide pool of potential candidates actively seeking opportunities.

We create compelling job advertisements and descriptions that highlight the key responsibilities, requirements, and growth opportunities associated with our client's vacancy.

External CV databases

We utilise external CV databases to access a vast repository of candidate profiles.

By employing advanced search filters, we can identify and engage with candidates who possess the desired skills and qualifications specific to our client's requirements.

How we source passive candidates

How we source passive candidates

To significantly boost the likelihood of recruiting a high achiever, a well-executed search assignment must encompass a comprehensive strategy for identifying and engaging passive candidates; otherwise, the talent pool may become excessively constrained.

To reach passive candidates, we employ a proactive approach consisting of talent mapping, messaging campaigns, and referrals.

Talent mapping

Talent mapping involves conducting extensive research and analysis to identify potential candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities.

This proactive strategy allows us to create a targeted list of individuals with the desired skill sets and experience, even if they are not actively looking for a job.

We then initiate contact, present our client's role as a compelling career move, and assess the candidate's interest and suitability.

Messaging campaigns

Messaging campaigns allow us to directly reach out to potential candidates through a personalised message.

We utilise advanced search techniques, including Boolean searches, to identify professionals with relevant skills and experience.

Our messages highlight the career opportunity, performance objectives of the role, and benefits of joining our client's organisation.

Additionally, by leveraging our positive Google reviews as a point of reference, we further entice candidates to consider the opportunity.


Lastly, our referral campaigns involve reaching out to individuals who may know potential candidates in their capacity as supervisors, peers, suppliers, or customers.

We provide these individuals with detailed information regarding our client's vacancy, including the performance objectives of the role and expected long-term career trajectory.

Leveraging their networks, these referrals often yield higher-calibre candidates due to the trust and endorsement from the referrer.

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