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At 11 Recruitment, we get involved when a client is:

  • Seeking a high achiever to elevate their business
  • Recruiting for a role that is hard to fill
  • Having difficulty finding suitable candidates

To address these needs, we provide a service rather than a product - plus, we take a consultative approach to service delivery.

We also charge on a retained basis, with the following progress payments due throughout the recruitment drive.

  • One-third of the fee on commencement of the assignment
  • One-third at the time of interviews
  • One-third upon the candidate's acceptance of the role

As a retained agency, our consultants work on fewer roles at any given time. This allows them to properly focus on each vacancy, including the ones that are difficult to fill. As a result, we haved filled 90% of our roles within 18 working days over the last 24 months.

In comparison, consultants at contingency agencies are likely to be working on 10 or more jobs at once. These agencies also only get paid when a role is filled. As such, they typically prioritise jobs that are easier to fill, with harder roles being left to chance.

Why choose 11 Recruitment | About 11 Recruitment

18-month performance guarantee

Another major point of difference is that we provide an 18-month performance guarantee on permanent placements. In comparison, the industry standard is only 3 months.

Having an extended guarantee period means it is in our best interests to source a candidate who will stay and excel in your role.

Why choose 11 Recruitment | 18-month replacement guarantee

About our team

At 11 Recruitment, our consultants work as a team.

If you've engaged other agencies before, you know that you typically just deal with one consultant who does everything. This produces bottlenecks, as there's no one to delegate to and important checks can easily slip through the cracks.

At 11, we have two or three staff members working on each vacancy. I recommend you check out our Google reviews - as you'll see, many candidates and clients mention several staff members they've dealt with. 

Another point of difference - and a rarity among recruitment agencies - is that we do not pay our staff a commission. This minimises the conflict of interest, as it shifts our consultants' main objective from filling your vacancy to get paid, to ensuring you are satisfied with the final placement.

If our approach resonates with you, click the button below to give us a call.

Why choose 11 Recruitment | About our team

Alex Barbas

Working with Debbie, as well as the team at 11 Recruitment, has been exceptional.

This was the first time I had been through a Perth recruitment agency's process and I was extremely impressed by their professionalism, as well as their level of communication.

Debbie guided me through the interview and also gave detailed background about the company. As a result, she helped me secure a fantastic position within a fast growing organisation.

Dan Lawrance

I had the pleasure of meeting the Managing Director, as well as a number of staff at 11 Recruitment. I found them highly professional, friendly, and also enthusiastic.

Lillian Accounting

11 Recruitment have been very professional and effective in supporting me before and during, as well as after the application process.

Not only did they help prepare me for interviews, but they were also happy to provide honest feedback and direction.

Leah Morrison

Natasha Nel was incredibly professional as well as proactive in the recruitment process. She was also able to provide all of the information I needed and prioritised both the client and applicant.

As such, I felt comfortable with the entire process and I highly recommend her services if you are ever looking for a job.

Amelia Boulton

The team at 11 Recruitment went above and beyond in helping me find a suitable job. Not only did they help me prepare for interviews, but they also touched base with me after every step.

Given their strong communication skills and attention to detail, as well as their personal rapport, you would think that you’re the most important client they have.

Paul Boxwell

11 Recruitment is the first recruitment agency in Perth that I've used however, I doubt that I'll be needing another. They have been very quick to respond and have also been professional and consistent.

Additionally, they have provided me with some great advice through their blog posts and in-house videos.

As such, I have nothing but good things to say.

Recruit top talent

Recruit top talent