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How we source high achievers

A couple of years ago, sourcing candidates was typically confined to posting an ad on SEEK and/or knowing someone with a network. However, talent sourcing and hunting for a High Achiever is much more than this.

Today sourcing is an online marketing exercise and we have built our sourcing strategies around the following eight pillars:

  • Google - online visibility
  • Job video advertising
  • Google reviews
  • Lead magnets - drip marketing
  • LinkedIn recruiter searches
  • Seek talent search
  • 11 Recruitment database searches
  • Job boards

Google - online visibility & traffic

At 11 Recruitment, a lot of resources have been invested to ensure visibility online. We aim to be listed at the top of any relevant search results (SERP), and want candidates to come to us before anyone else.

We measure our visibility on an ongoing basis (e.g. 11 Recruitment's Google ads have a “visibility” of 41% in comparison to say Hays’s or Robert Half’s at 10% and 7% respectively).

Our ranking is important from an SEO perspective as high achieving candidates do not enter the job market often. When they do, they typically are not familiar with all the different agencies in the recruitment space.

First come, first serve is important. We want applicants to choose 11 Recruitment as their first point of call.























































Traffic score is based on click-through-rate (CTR). Our high CTR indicates that users are more likely to click on our search results rather than our competitors'. 

This score takes our searching engine ranking into account, for any of the given keywords we appear.

We target specific keywords and employ the best and most ethical search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics to ensure 11 Recruitment appears at the most relevant and opportune searches.

Job video advertising

Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+) favour videos over still content through their various algorithms.

Job video advertising is very effective.  It enables us to communicate directly with candidates with the opportunity presenting as professional, unique and personal.

Video job ads increases awareness, generate referrals and raise responsiveness to job listings.  On LinkedIn alone, our job video ads are typically viewed more than 1,000 times within 24 hours of posting.

This surpasses even the best performing ads on SEEK.

"The level of professionalism and attention to understanding each candidate's employment requirements, is something I am yet to come across with any other recruitment agency. Christian and his consultants not only assist candidates to align their specific skill-set to opportunities in their desired fields, he also provides mentoring and support from start to finish. 

The processes he has implemented as part of the journey with 11 Recruitment empowers each candidate and allows them to have the right tools to make an effective decision regarding their employment prospects. I would certainly recommend 11 Recruitment to any job seeker..."

M. Edwards

Google reviews

Google ratings are important as candidates often study ratings and read reviews to decide who to trust and contact in their search for new employment.

It is our aim to be the best recruitment agency in Western Australia from an applicant’s perspective. While it may be a big target, it is our goal.

One key measure is Google Reviews and so far, we have managed to get the highest possible rating of 5.0 stars.

Lead magnets & drip marketing

People may not be ready to move on the first time we contact them, however, at some stage, they will be. Hence, it is important for us to build long term relationships with potential candidates.

To connect with people, we post "lead magnets" (i.e. free tips, tutorials and job market updates for job seekers) as incentives offered to potential candidates (both passive and active) in exchange for their contact information (name, email, phone number)

This inbound activity triggers email and SMS automation campaigns, which provides candidates with relevant information about the job market, so when they are ready, they can make contact for a confidential conversation.

“Christian and the team bring one of the best services, not only for people like me who are looking to get a job but also to the companies by sharing new insights and trends. For example, the article he wrote about the intrinsic failures of today's Cover Letter and CV management, and the one about references.” 

A. Villazon

LinkedIn Recruiter searches

Our strong presence on LinkedIn enables us to reach approximately 95% to 98% of all active LinkedIn users in Australia.

This reach is expanded further through our LinkedIn Recruiter subscription.

CASE STUDY: A client recently gave us a very specific brief:

"We want a new sales rep and the ideal candidate could be a Procurement Manager from one of our potential future customers - e.g. company xx."

We identified ideal prospects who we then reached out to, established communications with, and promoted the opportunity.

An application from the ideal candidate was obtained and two months later, the candidate accepted the job.


Seek talent search

Seek has its own database with 8,000,000 profiles, which gives us the opportunity to find candidates who may be a perfect fit for your role.

We do not wait for the perfect candidate to come to us. Many candidates are waiting to be invited to apply to your role. We can search for your perfect candidate using advanced sort and filter functions, including salary, industry and location and company for headhunting.

We can review key data such as career history and have access to unique CV data to ensure searches match the most relevant candidates.

Job boards

Ad performance is vital. Hence, we constantly fine tune the performance of our ads against our competitors. We refresh, rewrite and reformat our ads on a constant basis to optimise the quality of job applications.

We are openly aggressive in this space. We post on six different job boards and post around 20 job ads for every permanent job we close.

Despite seeking quality over quantity, our ads clearly outperform other ads on SEEK, even the above market benchmark.

Searching our databases

All the jobs a candidate has applied for through our portal are logged.This includes roles they have applied for, each CV and cover letter they have submitted including their answers to their screening questions, and the entire communication history. This provides us with a bigger picture of each applicant, enables the identification of discrepancies and utilises information previously obtained.

We can perform Boolean searches directly on the 110,000+ CVs we have in our database.

Candidates database - Search

Additionally, we can search for keywords listed in CVs. For example, specific software such as MYOB or AutoCAD, or company names to identify candidates who have worked for our client’s competitors. This often forms part of a search or headhunting strategy where we can reach out to people via email and SMS who may be a direct target or a secondary target (i.e. someone who may know of and can refer us to someone in their network who may be interested in a vacancy).

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Permanent recruitment

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