Working from home checklist

This checklist provides guidance for temps who are working from home. Please note, the following considerations should be seen as a minimum requirement and your employer may have a more detailed guide.

The work environment

When it comes to your home work environment, check that:

  • Lighting is suitable for the activity you are undertaking so you do not experience eyestrain. Greater illumination is generally needed for very fine visual tasks and light sources should not create glare on your computer screen.
  • There are sufficient levels of ventilation and thermal comfort.
  • The location, height, and other physical characteristics of your computer and furniture are suited to the task.
  • Walkways are clear of clutter and trip hazards such as cords.
  • There is no damaged flooring (uneven tiles, pulled up carpet).
  • There is suitable storage for documents and books.

Where possible, use equipment that has been issued by your organisation and has recently been tagged and tested.

Working from home checklist | The work environment


Maintaining a reasonable level of communication with your manager and/or coworkers can be difficult when working from home.

Work with your manager to create and implement a communication system. For example, a phone call, video meeting, or email every morning and night.

Inform your manager if there is any change in your work environment that may impact your health and safety or the health and safety of another worker.

Working from home checklist | Communication

Work practices & physical activity

When working at your computer make sure you:

  • Keep your wrists upright while typing and do not rest them on any surface.
  • Sit with an upright or slightly reclined posture and maintain a slight hollow in your lower back.
  • Use your hand to hold telephone receiver or wear a headset.
  • Take breaks every breaks every 30 minutes of keyboarding and stand at least once per hour.
  • Break up long periods of continuous computer use by performing other tasks.

When undertaking physical activity make sure you:

  • Take appropriate breaks to stretch, change posture, and alternate activity.
  • Stay within your physical capacity when lifting, pushing, or carrying.
  • Use trolleys or other aids to move heavy/awkward items.
Working from home checklist | Work practices & physical activity

Mental health

Mental health is a common challenge for those working from home. To look after yourself, we suggest you:

  • Set up a dedicated workstation.
  • Establish boundaries regarding your work hours with anyone you live with.
  • Stay connected and schedule regular meetings and catch ups with your manager, team, and clients to help you maintain ongoing contact and foster positive working relationships.
  • Use outdoor spaces where possible when you take breaks and try to incorporate some exercise or other activity as part of your working day.
  • Play music or listen to the radio to create a harmonious working environment.
  • Identify any potential distractions and put strategies in place to minimise them, for example separating your workstation from the rest of the house.
Working from home checklist | Mental health