2022 Perth job market update

As we navigate through this difficult time of COVID-19, we will be posting regular updates on the state of the Perth job market. Click the video below to watch our latest update.

Christian Madsen | Managing Director
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
11 Recruitment

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  • Great informative presentation Christian.
    Our State is in a very privileged situation with unemployment heading below 4%.
    Let’s hope this continues well after 5 February.

  • Wow Christian! That was excellent!! Informative and well- delivered mate, thank you very much!

  • Jean-Marie says:

    Great video, information. It will be interesting to compare your data with the data of the share market.

    Employment in Western Australia should keep increasing in the next future and reduce the unemployment in the state.

    • Bloomberg reported last week: “Western Australia, recorded an unemployment rate of just 4.8% — the lowest in Australia. This was despite the participation rate surging to 68.4%, more than 2 percentage points above the national level…”

      The number of ads are still going up and unemployment will continue to drop in the coming months.

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