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Why choose 11 Recruitment

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Why choose 11 Recruitment

11 Recruitment is a boutique, white-collar agency specialising in executive search, advertised search, general recruitment, and temp placements.

At 11, we usually get involved when a client has a vacancy that is particularly hard to fill - or when they are looking for someone special - a high achiever. We are able to fill these challenging roles by providing our service on a retained basis.

Unlike contingency agencies that essentially just make introductions and sell CVs, working retained supports the process of finding the best possible candidate.

It allows our consultants to work on fewer roles at once - so they can spend more time focusing on your vacancy. Plus, it involves a more personalised, consultative, and holistic approach.

Another point of difference - and a rarity among recruitment agencies in Australia - is the fact that we don't pay our staff an individual commission. This helps to minimise the conflict of interest between filling your vacancy and getting paid.

As a result of our ability to consistently source top talent, we provide an 18-month performance guarantee on permanent placements.

So, if an employee we source falls off due to poor performance within the first year and a half, we will replace them for no additional cost.

If you'd like to find out more about how we operate, feel free to give us a call by clicking the link below.

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Looking to recruit?