How to go from temp to perm

What does it take to create magic?

"It is over". These words may come from a supervisor, client, supplier or even our partner. Regardless of who has said it, the message is clear - we have failed to create magic. 

Temp work can be a great way to try a range of roles before committing to a permanent position. As stated in an article by Forbes, "working in a temporary job can be a great way to dip your toes in the water and find out what it would be like to work in that organisation, what its culture is like, the type of work you’d be doing and the people you’d be working with."

However, it's a two-way street, as employers often use temp roles to trial potential employees before offering them permanency. They'll be able to review the temp's performance and see if they fit in with the team before making a commitment.

So, how do you increase the chances of your temp role turning perm? Well, you need to create magic by exceeding your employer's expectations.

For example, imagine you tell your manager "I will have this sorted in five days" and you have it sorted five days later. Yes, the job was done on time, but you haven't exceeded their expectations, so you didn't really create magic.

Conversely, if you are two days late and have it sorted in seven days, not only have you failed to create magic, but your manager will be disappointed.

However, if you come back to manager after only four days, then you have created magic.

We create magic by exceeding expectations. Magic is what keeps a relationship going, and it is what will make your employer jump at the opportunity to take you on permanently.

How to go from temp to perm | What does it take to create magic?

A story of magic

We had a candidate, let's call her Kate, who lost her job during a period where few opportunities were available.

We developed a strategy to get Kate back into employment and it worked! A client offered her a temporary role as a Customer Service Representative.

During her first week, a customer rang, unhappy about the service they had received. Kate knew she was in the business of creating magic - where every interaction is a “moment of truth”.

Kate offered to help, but the customer worked full time and could not talk while she was at work. The Customer Service Centre was only open during these same business hours, however, Kate offered to come in 30 minutes earlier the next day (for no pay) to help the customer.

Kate ultimately solved the problem - the customer was happy, and the company was very pleased.

After just three weeks, the company offered Kate a permanent job and within one year she was promoted.

This is the power of magic!

How to go from temp to perm | A story of magic

Christian Madsen | Managing Director
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
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