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Social media algorithms favour videos over still content, so we create video advertisements for all vacancies.

We take full advantage of this unique and highly effective form of candidate sourcing in order to reach the right candidate at the right time.

We post our videos on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Videos are typically posted 10-20 times, based on relevance.

Job advertisement

Applications Engineer

Graduate Position

  • Power transmissions, speed drives and geared motors
  • Do you have a mechanical engineering degree or equivalent?
  • Be a part of a worldwide recognised organisation?

Our client designs and produces powerful industrial gear units. They are a game-changing production facility, serving the global needs for sturdy large gear units with high torque. They work on the philosophy of "movement, innovation, and quality".

This prestigious company is seeking an experienced Applications Engineer for their South of the River branch.

  • The role

You will be reporting directly to the State Manager. This role has been developed to assist the Products Manager in product sales as required. Working as part of the Engineering Team you will be responsible for providing technical solutions together with product promotion to all market sectors. 

The role encompasses:

  • Provide full assistance to the Industrial Gears Products Manager WA in tenders for customers in response to enquiries and follows up 
  • Project manage sales of industrial gears and geared motor products, as required
  • Supply necessary documents and drawings to customers and suppliers
  • Deliver product, service and technical information to existing and potential customers
  • Process phone orders and monitors progress as required
  • Revise order documentation
  • Record and refer opportunities for sales of electronic products to engineers.
  • Supply appropriate data to Sales and Finance for account opening and approval
  • Accept, records and processes request for Credit and returns
  • Stop, identify and isolate any product/service that is or appears to be non-conforming and/or that does not meet the company’s quality expectations
  • Ensure non-conforming product and processes are brought to the attention of the Quality Team for action and documentation
  • About you

Mechanical Engineering or equivalent technical qualifications is essential. If you have some sales experience within an engineering/projects driven environment that would be advantageous.

  • About our client

Our client is a global modern, high-tech European manufacturing company - a world leader in power transmission, specialising in variable speed drives and geared motors. Their main product is design, manufacture and service of power transmissions, drivers and gears.

They are regarded as one of the world’s leading specialists in their field and is located just South of the river, Perth. They employ approximately 15 staff in WA with the Australian head office in the Eastern States.

Platforms used

We constantly refresh, rewrite and reformat our job advertisements to optimise the quality of applications received.

Our approach is aggressive - we post around 20 advertisements for every permanent job.

Advertisements are posted on:

  • Seek, Adzuna, Glassdoor, Indeed and Jora
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • 11 Recruitment
  • On average, our advertisements perform well above the market benchmark for Seek. This is shown in the graph below.

Assessment matrix

Selection criteria




Skill test


Ref. check


Mechanical engineering degree or equivalent


Can read & interpret technical specifications & drawings

Can communicate technical information effectively

Proposal & quotation development

Sales - advantageous


Microsoft Word - advanced

Microsoft Excel - advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint - advanced

Grammar & spelling - excellent

Strong analytical skills

Verify LinkedIn vs CV

Accept expected salary ($90+)

Previous warning of termination?

Will you pass a drug test?


Dominance 60%

Influence 55%

Steadiness 27%

Compliance 51%

Forms signed

Health/police check

Signed document - tell the truth

Docs verified

Driver’s licence

Citizen AU/NZ or PR

The Assessment Matrix is our blueprint for the recruitment process; it shows how we shortlist candidates.

Our process consists of screening, interviews, document verification, skills testing, personality profiling and reference checks. The ticks indicate the point at which each criteria is addressed.

We address all criteria at least once during the process. More important criteria are checked multiple times.

DISC profiling

Applications Engineer - job profile

This is the type of role which would best suit an individual who is fastidious about detail and following the rules and procedures, together with the determination to complete the job thoroughly. In other words an individual who is capable of ‘dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s’.

The individual needs to be able to take on an objective viewpoint in the role and put their own personal opinions aside, in order to follow the procedure. This role requires an individual who is able to conduct their work in a practical and efficient manner, whilst focussing on the practical side of the role and approaching problems in a professional and objective manner.

The person is most likely to prefer to have the time to prepare and think before acting; weighing up the pros and cons before making any final decisions. This role essentially requires a thoughtful, steady type, who plans before speaking and or doing, and is determined to do the job well.

The person will be a team player who is able to work well in a group-oriented situation. The individual should have the interest of the team at heart rather than their own personal gratification and should be happy to be a member of the team rather than leading it. In some circumstances such individuals are likely to specialise in the particular discipline and if they lead the team it would be because of their specialist skills rather than their preferred status.

Generally, this role requires a person who is content to work in a supportive capacity where the procedures are established and need to be adhered to. The role is fairly structured and the person needs to be comfortable following a procedure rigorously, including being fussy about details and completing the job. This is the type of role where there is likely to be little or no change, therefore the individual needs to be disposed to working in a stable environment with little need to adapt, doing the same job over a period of time. Perseverance and loyalty to both the organisation and work colleagues are important qualities that the person should bring to the role.

Such an individual will be persevering and patient with an eye for detail ensuring accuracy in what they do. There is unlikely to be a great deal of flexibility in this role and the candidate should be motivated by a stable, unchanging environment. This is broadly a ‘Technical’ role where individuals may, for example, manage systems which require them to be impartial and objective, yet meticulous in what they do. The role calls for someone who will consider the facts objectively and spend time checking the data before acting. There may however, be occasions when the individual may be called upon to display a more dynamic style and in such instances the ability to rise to the challenge and take it in their stride to get the job done is an important aspect of the role.

Job profile
Applications Engineer

Shortlisted candidates

Candidate A

Candidate B

Candidate C

Behavioural adaptation by the client to match the job profile:

Candidate A

Candidate B

Candidate C

Similar to people, jobs have their own behavioural profile that is based on duties, environment and communication.

We create a profile for every job vacancy, enabling us to match an applicant's behaviour against that of a specific role.

We use DISC, which gives us insight into how an applicant will react in certain situations. It examines the following attributes:

  • Dominance - accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence
  • Influence - persuading others, openness, relationships
  • Steadiness - cooperation, sincerity, dependability
  • Compliance - quality, accuracy, expertise

Service delivery

Phase 1 - search

Phase 1 - search

Phase 2 - interview

Phase 2 - interview

Phase 3 - offer & acceptance

Phase 3 - offer & acceptance

The three phases of our service delivery process are as follows:


Steps taken between a quote being accepted by our client, and a shortlist being presented


Steps taken between round one interviews and probity checks being undertaken for the successful candidate

Offer & acceptance

Steps taken between the job offer being accepted and employment commencing


Video views


Applications received


Interviewed by 11 Recruitment




Interviewed by client




Our aim is to produce a strong shortlist by sourcing widely.

We measure every stage in our recruitment process to ensure we meet this key objective.

Our service comes with an extended 18-month replacement guarantee.

This guarantee means our interests are mutually aligned - to recruit high achievers who will excel and stay.