Marketing recruitment

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Marketing is complex, and finding the right marketing personnel could be a game-changer for your business. Marketers used to be enablers - now they are direct revenue generators. As such, hiring the right digital marketer is key for your business to achieve revenue growth and brand success.

At 11 Recruitment, we understand how to recruit the best possible marketing personnel, because we have firsthand experience. As you can see from our digital footprint, we are an online marketing specialist. We also do all of our marketing activities inhouse.

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, so too does the skill set required by marketers. This leads to a fragmentation of marketing roles, where marketers become specialists, rather than generalists.

Our unique process

We have developed our own search and recruitment methodology using online marketing strategies in conjunction with traditional search methods. This enables us to source talent that would otherwise not be open to new opportunities.

Our team of talented Recruitment Consultants provide a range of specialised and tailored recruitment and consulting services to our clients throughout Australia.

Let us help you find the right person to elevate and grow your brand.

Below is a list of marketing positions we recruit for:

DISC profiling

Part of our exhaustive recruitment process involves creating a behavioural DISC profile for the position we are recruiting for, as well as one for each shortlisted candidate.

Every person - and every job - has a unique behavioural profile. Matching these profiles and looking at discrepancies helps us to ensure longevity of employment.

Below is a comparison of several marketing roles we have recruited for:

Business Manager

Mktg Coordinator

Marketing recruitment showcase

To help you decide whether we're the right fit, you can explore some of the work we have done for our previous clients.