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Social media algorithms favour videos over still content, so we create video advertisements for all vacancies.

We take full advantage of this unique and highly effective form of candidate sourcing in order to reach the right candidate at the right time.

We post our videos on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Videos are typically posted 10-20 times, based on relevance.

Job advertisement

Financial Controller

ASX Mining Company

  • Permanent full-time role offering attractive salary
  • Key role supporting the CFO
  • Strong team-based culture
  • The role

Our client is looking to strengthen their senior leadership team with the addition of a passionate and inspirational Financial Controller.

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, you will lead an established finance team who are passionate and motivated to drive the business forward.

The Financial Controller will oversee the finance operations of the organisation which includes the following:

  • Lead and manage the transactional finance team
  • Prepare statutory reporting
  • Coordinate, prepare and execute of audits and reviews (both internal and external)
  • Support and management of month-end and year-end processes
  • Monthly operational and financial reporting
  • Half and full-year reconciliations, e.g. impairment assessments and revenue adjustments
  • Financial data analysis and reporting on KPIs
  • Day to day management of financial transactions, including quality control and data integrity
  • Cashflow maintenance and review
  • Internal Control - enforcement, implementation and improvement
  • Operational financial support - providing support to the various Heads of Departments on operational financial matters
  • Assessment and implementation of new accounting standards
  • Assisting the CFO with preparation and management of tax, budgeting, forecasting, and royalty related matters
  • About you

This role will suit an experienced Financial Controller who has a sound understanding of financial management, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow, and reporting.

You will bring to the following:

  • Must be CA / CPA qualified
  • Intermediate to advanced Excel skills
  • Demonstrated experience in ownership of statutory reporting
  • Leadership/management experience
  • About our client

Our client is an integrated manganese mining business and has an established history of over 20 years in the industry. They are also listed on the ASX and capture value across the entire process chain through operations in Australia and other countries.

Platforms used

We constantly refresh, rewrite and reformat our job advertisements to optimise the quality of applications received.

Our approach is aggressive - we post around 20 advertisements for every permanent job.

Advertisements are posted on:

  • Seek, Adzuna, Glassdoor, Indeed and Jora
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • 11 Recruitment
  • On average, our advertisements perform well above the market benchmark for Seek. This is shown in the graph below.

Assessment matrix

Selection criteria




Skill test


Ref. check


CA or CPA certified


Ownership of statutory reporting

Transactional finance team management

Coordination, preparation & execution of audits & reviews

Management of month- and year-end processes

Monthly operational & financial reporting

Half- & full-year reconciliations

Quality control & data integrity

Cash flow maintenance & review

Implementation & assessment of new accounting standards

Stable work history


Microsoft Excel - intermediate to advanced

Able to work from home

Verify LinkedIn vs CV

Accept expected salary range ($150+)

Previous warning of termination?


Dominance 60%

Influence 45%

Steadiness 39%

Compliance 47%

Forms signed

Health/police check

Signed document - tell the truth

Docs verified

Driver’s licence

Citizen AU/NZ or PR

The Assessment Matrix is our blueprint for the recruitment process; it shows how we shortlist candidates.

Our process consists of screening, interviews, document verification, skills testing, personality profiling and reference checks. The ticks indicate the point at which each criteria is addressed.

We address all criteria at least once during the process. More important criteria are checked multiple times.

DISC profiling

Financial Controller - job profile

This role will require a person who is able to accept personal responsibility for achieving the desired outcomes required by the job. The ability to manage and direct others will also form an important aspect of the role. The individual will need to be able to concentrate on the practical aspects of the role and assess the facts rationally, without allowing personal views to impede progress.

The person in this position needs to be very much task-focussed and unconcerned with what people think of them. They will need to be happy to work independently and not to be inclined to seek recognition for their achievements through praise from peers and management.

The role requires someone who is a specialist in the field and is able to operate independent of guidance from management and colleagues. They will be driven to achieve the outcomes of the role efficiently and their satisfaction will come from the achievement of the goal or task at hand. It goes without saying that the person will need to have the skills for the role, which will affect on their ability to get the job done effectively.

The role requires an individual who will demonstrate an analytical approach to complex problems, and is able to display an efficient and results-oriented style. While this type of person will display an understanding and acceptance of the motivations of others, they must possess the ability to take a neutral stance when persuasion fails and make tough decisions, which might be seen to be unpopular.

The person will like precision and order and ensure the rules and procedures are followed and they will be fussy about the detail and ensuring accuracy in what they do and what is done for them. They like their work environment structured and will document clearly in order to ensure effective communication. They will need to be objective in their approach where they may for example manage an Information System requiring them to be impartial and objective yet meticulous in what they do.

While this role requires an individual who is able to give careful consideration to problems that may arise and not make rushed decision, there may be times when the role will require a more dynamic approach. The individual will therefore, need to be able to reach a point of view as well as communicating it effectively.

Job profile
Financial Controller

Shortlisted candidates

Candidate A

Candidate B

Candidate C

Behavioural adaptation by the client to match the job profile:

Candidate A

Candidate B

Candidate C

Similar to people, jobs have their own behavioural profile that is based on duties, environment and communication.

We create a profile for every job vacancy, enabling us to match an applicant's behaviour against that of a specific role.

We use DISC, which gives us insight into how an applicant will react in certain situations. It examines the following attributes:

  • Dominance - accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence
  • Influence - persuading others, openness, relationships
  • Steadiness - cooperation, sincerity, dependability
  • Compliance - quality, accuracy, expertise

Service delivery

Phase 1 - search

Phase 1 - search

Phase 2 - interview

Phase 2 - interview

Phase 3 - offer & acceptance

Phase 3 - offer & acceptance

The three phases of our service delivery process are as follows:


Steps taken between a quote being accepted by our client, and a shortlist being presented


Steps taken between round one interviews and probity checks being undertaken for the successful candidate

Offer & acceptance

Steps taken between the job offer being accepted and employment commencing


Video views


Applications received


Interviewed by 11 Recruitment




Interviewed by client




Our aim is to produce a strong shortlist by sourcing widely.

We measure every stage in our recruitment process to ensure we meet this key objective.

Our service comes with an extended 18-month replacement guarantee.

This guarantee means our interests are mutually aligned - to recruit high achievers who will excel and stay.