Recruitment of a Senior Bookkeeper

How we recruited a Senior Bookkeeper for a geotechnical analysis company

Our client

Our client are leaders in the hyperspectral scanning, processing and interpretation of drill core, rock chips and other geological samples. They provide centralised bureau services as well as onsite laboratory services for real time, automated geological logging.

  • Location - East Perth, WA
  • Industry - geotechnical 
  • Size - 100 employees

We applied our three-phase service delivery model for this recruitment drive.

Accounts Officer - our client

Video job advertisement

Social media algorithms favour videos over still content, so we create video advertisements for all vacancies to help source our candidates.

We take full advantage of this unique and highly effective form of candidate sourcing in order to reach the right candidate at the right time. 

We post our videos on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. They are posted on these platforms 10-20 times, based on relevance. Our videos typically receive over 1,000 views within the first 24 hours.

Senior Bookkeeper - Geotechnical

Job advertisement

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Accounts Officer - job advertisement header

Senior Bookkeeper

  • Join an internationally recognised, growing services company
  • Great team culture that cares
  • A role with an abundance of variety in a dynamic sector

Retained Search

The role

Your responsibilities will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Debtor & creditor invoicing to creditor statement reconciliation
  • Monthly journal entries to balance sheet
  • Intercompany recharging & intercompany loan reconciliation 
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • Balance sheet account reconciliation 
  • Fixed asset register 
  • Intercompany interpretation invoicing and equip invoicing
  • Management fees

You will undertake the following responsibilities as a cover when required:

  • Payroll processing
  • Employee expense claim management  
  • Leave reconciliation 
  • Intercompany recharging 
  • Superannuation and state payroll tax 

    About you

    To be successful for this role you will be expected to meet the following criteria:

    • Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in a similar role 
    • Be well versed with Xero Accounting System  
    • Cert IV in Bookkeeping 
    • Experience in international transfers 
    • Solid Australian bookkeeping experience is essential
    • Proficient in MS Office Suite 
    • Outstanding time management and organisational skills and the confidence to work independently 
    • The ability to communicate professionally both verbally & written, prioritise and meet deadlines
    • Accurate data entry and attention to detail
    • The ability to investigate any discrepancies
    • Meet all statutory and internal deadlines

    About our client

    Our client is a global services company within the mining sector based in East Perth.

    Accounts Officer - job advertisement footer

    Assessment Matrix design

    Our in-house designed, custom made software generates an Assessment Matrix, which is our blueprint for the recruitment process. Our process consists of screening, interviews, document verification, skills testing, personality profiling and reference checks.

    Ticks indicate the point at which each criteria is addressed. More importance criteria are checked multiple times throughout the recruitment process.

    Selection criteria




    Skill test




    Cert IV Bookkeeping


    Debtor Invoicing

    Creditor Invoicing Input

    Creditor Statement Reconciliation to Xero

    Intercompany Recharging

    Monthly Journal Entries to Trial Balance

    Intercompany Interpretation Invoice

    Intercompany Equip Invoicing

    Bank Reconciliations – Bank Feeds (Xero)

    Bank Reconciliations in Xero

    Inter-Company Loan Reconciliations

    Balance Sheet Account Reconciliations

    Superannuation and State Payroll Tax

    Payroll Processing

    Employee Expense Claim Management

    Fixed Asset Register

    Leave Reconciliation

    Intercompany recharging

    Management Fees - Invoicing


    Work Location – Ascot

    Verify LinkedIn CV vs CV submitted

    Accept expected salary ($80k)

    Previous warning of termination?

    Will you pass a drug test?


    Dominance - 50%

    Influence - 45%

    Steadiness - 39%

    Compliance - 57%

    Forms signed

    Health / police check

    Signed document - tell the truth

    Docs verified

    Driver’s licence

    Citizen AU / NZ or PR

    Medical Check

    Probity Check

    DISC profiling

    Similar to people, jobs have their own behavioural profile that is based on duties, environment and communication. We create a profile for every job vacancy, enabling us to match an applicant's behaviour against that of a specific role.

    We use DISC, which examines the following attributes:

    • Dominance - accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence
    • Influence - persuading others, openness, dependability
    • Steadiness - cooperation, sincerity, dependability
    • Compliance - quality, accuracy, expertise

    DISC profile - Senior Bookkeeper

    The behavioural style of the person suited to this role will be one which is concerned with the facts. It is unlikely that they will be the outgoing and communicative type of person and more likely will be reserved.

    Their power to persuade will be based on the presentation of facts which are unlikely to be embellished and require an individual who is able to impartially concentrate on details whilst focusing on the practical side of the job.

    The ideal person will have a rational approach to facts and be able to assess them objectively. Ideally the person needs to prefer an environment where the work is predictable and without any sudden changes.


    It is well suited to a person who is stable, steady and genuinely friendly towards others and concerned about their welfare. The role calls for an individual who is happy to be a member of the team, and if they assume a leadership role it would be because of their technical expertise rather than an innate drive to rise to the top.

    Such individuals are likely to use tact in negotiations and would be diplomatic and sensitive to the feelings of the individuals they are dealing with. They would be cautious not to dominate over others whilst asserting the facts and ensuring the process is followed vigorously.

    In addition to having a high boredom threshold, the individual will have an ‘eye for detail’, and be fastidious about ensuring accuracy across all aspects of the work. Such a person will take time to consider a problem carefully and thoroughly before making a decision and will be disinclined to rush their work, preferring instead to take time to ensure all aspects have been covered thoroughly.

    The person would need to be able to concentrate for extended periods of time and be content to continue to carry out repetitious work over an extended period of time.

    The role calls for an individual who would be comfortable working in the background in a supportive role rather than be in the limelight and receiving the credit for the work done.

    The need for precision and accuracy is paramount and the individual should be satisfied to concentrate on repetitious work over an extended period of time. They should prefer an environment where the work is predictable and there are unlikely to be any sudden dynamic changes.

    Senior Bookkeeper

    Shortlisted candidates

    Candidate A

    Candidate B

    Candidate C

    Behavioural adaptation by candidates to match the job profile:

    Candidate A

    Candidate B

    Candidate C


    Our aim is to produce a strong shortlist by sourcing widely. We measure every stage in our recruitment process to ensure we meet this key objective.

    Our service comes with an extended 18-month replacement guarantee. This guarantee means our interests are mutually aligned - to recruit high achievers who will excel and stay.

    Video views


    Applications received


    Interviewed by 11 Recruitment




    Interviewed by client





    "Christian is an extremely professional, supportive and driven leader with a keen understanding for recruiting and client relations.

    His work ethic, communication, and consistency are key facets in the excellent results found at 11 Recruitment.

    His guidance and supervision are apparent when seeing the desire to constantly improve and provide positive experiences across the entirety of the team."

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