Sales recruitment

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11 Recruitment specialises in search and recruitment of sales staff across a wide range of industries. We source, identify, recruit and retain dynamic sales talents who have the potential to drive your business forward.

This includes any of the following variations of customer types, sales approaches and type of products: B2B or B2C; product or service; conceptual or non-conceptual product; short- or long-term sales cycles; high- or low-volume transactions; disposable items or capital products; and face-to-face or online / phone conversions.

When recruiting sales people, we also consider where in the sales funnels the sales person will operate and who they will work with internally and externally to enable and fulfill their sales function. 

Sales funnel - Sales recruitment agencies Perth

Our unique process

We have developed our own search and recruitment methodology using online marketing strategies in conjunction with traditional search methods. This enables us to source talent that would otherwise not be open to new opportunities.

We provide a range of specialised and tailored recruitment and consulting services throughout Australia.

Each recruitment drive is different and can include anything from advertised selection, advertised search to Executive Search. Below is a list of positions we have sourced and recruited for previously - across all of Australia.

Below is a list of sales positions we recruit for:

DISC profiling

Part of our recruitment process involves creating a behavioural DISC profile for the position we are recruiting for, as well as one for each shortlisted candidate.

Every job has a unique behavioural profile based on the duties, type of product or service, sales cycles, clientelle, Customer type (B2B or B2C), Level of Supervision. Matching these profiles and looking at discrepancies helps us to ensure longevity of employment.


General Manager

Office Manager

At 11 Recruitment, we use DISC to create a Behavioural profile of the job as well as of each candidate shortlisted. Everyone has a unique behavioural profile - just like every sales role has a unique profile. Matching these profiles and looking at discrepancies is a strong tool ensure longevity in employment.

Behavioural profiles of sales people

Motivational profile

A key element to ensure longevity of a new employee is match the motivational profile to the employers’ reward and bonus structure. People are motivated by two components - Seek and Fear.

Sales Motivational profile of a Hunter - Farmer - Customer Service Officer - Technician

Sales recruitment showcase

To help you decide whether we're the right fit, you can explore some of the work we have done for our previous clients.