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We don’t always have perfect conditions

Sometimes – doing business is just hard. In fact, it is not often that we have perfect conditions. We all have a little headwind and sometimes it is a storm.

So, we see little sunshine on the horizon… It is just bad – Maybe the time has come to give up?

Hold on a second – No not so fast

I went to a seminar and heard the following story by the presenter quoting the ‘Ironman’ Trevor Hendy who explained

“…when [Trevor] gets to the ocean to compete it does not matter if the wind is howling from the west or the rain is pouring down from the east or the water is freezing cold – the conditions are always perfect…”

What you need to realise is:

  • The environment is the same for everyone,
  • Every environment carries its unique opportunities

So, we need to identify these unique opportunities and how to take advantage of them. Hoping for the better is not a winning strategy.

In business, it’s a team event. We have to choose an elite team of staff who will work the best for us in our race, in that environment, with its unique opportunities.

So, when we have to hire new people, it’s an excellent chance to make the team better stronger and more suitable to these conditions. We need to get the right people on the team, people that can and will move the team forward.

Consequently, the key questions we should ask ourselves is

Will this new person

  • push the team backward?
  • keep the team standing still?
  • move the team forward – significantly forward

If the answer is notsignificantly forward” then my advice is:

Do NOT hire.

It will usually end up in tears – theirs or yours. Keep looking until you find the superstar(s) that can move the team extensively forward. Because you require superstars to win.

The superstars are out there, it sometimes takes determination, skill and time to find them, but they can be found.

So, when your team is packed with superstars, you can compete better than your competitors. They may be focused on just surviving the bad conditions, not focused on winning.

For you, the environment is perfect. Perfect today; perfect in 3 months time. We just have to realise it and take advantage of it.

Only hire superstars who can move your team significantly forward.

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